ECD etiquette and grooming lunch

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ECD etiquette and grooming lunch

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Tsitsi Masuka
Littlerock Int School ECD Teacher
On the 2nd of November 2017, Littlerock International School held its annual Etiquette and Grooming Lunch for its ECD students. The lunch which was hosted at Meikles hotel, was attended by 64 children aged between 4 and 5 years in the ECD A and B classes.
It was excitement all around as the children smartly dressed in tuxedos and dresses arrived at the 5 star hotel for the much anticipated event. The program was facilitated by Mrs.Ngwenya, a grooming expert and Pastor Irvine Gwatiringa who took the children through lessons in table manners, general etiquette as well as discipline.

Littlerock International School believes in providing children with a wholesome education which does not only focus on academics but also seeks to build manners and character that will assist in producing responsible global citizens.

The Etiquette and Grooming Lunch is one such initiative by the school that works towards developing positive character as well as enhancing self-confidence within the children. Premising on the word of God that clearly encourages that children be ‘trained up in the way they should go;” the Littlerock International School ECD Department strives to teach its students through practical methods that children can experience and enjoy.

The foundation years of a child are critical in the formation of a person especially in character building and it is the aim of the ECD department to make the most of these formative years by offering holistic Christian education.

It was exciting to see the children put their newly learnt skills to practice as they were served their lunch. Not only did they learn the proper way of holding a fork and knife or how to behave at a table, the children also learnt invaluable lessons on self-discipline and respect for others.

Through such programs coupled with everyday classroom lessons, Littlerock International School hopes to produce according to its motto, ‘brave thinkers and doers!’


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