Easter celebrations sweep Zimbabwe

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Easter celebrations sweep Zimbabwe

The Sunday Mail

Veronica Gwaze
ON Friday, millions of Christians across the globe will mark the beginning of Easter as they commemorate the death of founder of their church, Jesus Christ.

The Easter holiday is an important event on the Christian calendar as believers remember the pain, death and resurrection of Jesus, who was killed to cleanse man of all unrighteousness.

Various churches have lined up programmes to commemorate Easter with some dedicating this whole week in camp to remember the reason for the holiday Jesus.

The Sunday Mail Religion engaged some churches who shares how they will celebrate the gift of eternal life through their Messiah Jesus Christ.

City Of God Apostolic Church Priest Rodrick Chiriya said , “Easter is the most important conference as we will go into camp in Hwedza for the whole week from Good Friday to Easter Sunday. During the camping, we don’t indulge in sex, slaughter and no one eats anything that contains yeast. “This year’s theme is ‘Sungano itsva muna Kristu’ drawn from Jeremiah 31 which says, ‘Behold, the days are coming, declares the LORD, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah’. ”

Zion Christian Church education secretary Raymond Muringani said the Easter conference will be held at Mbungo in Bikita where thousands are expected to attend.

“Christ died on Good Friday and we have decided to go on a fast we remember His death under the theme ‘the Year of the shining star of Zion’. On Sunday, congregants will gather for a street parade to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. ” he said.

Methodist in Zimbabwe Pastor Kumkani Ncube said the church was focusing on winning souls this year.

He said, “His (Jesus’) death and resurrection is important to the Christian community in line with what Jesus recommended in Luke 22 verse 19 when He said  . . . go and do this in my remembrance.”

Apostolic Faith Ministries general secretary Reverend Amon Madawo said church branches will host separate conferences.

“We celebrate Easter in clusters although sometimes as provinces. The Chitungwiza Chinembiri section will mark Easter under the theme ‘The death, burial and resurrection of Christ’, with the theme scripture being 1 Corinthians 15 verses 1-4,” he said.

Anglican Church’s Pastor Trynos Zvavayera said the same power which rose Jesus from the death was still available to transform people’s lives.

His Presence Ministries International (HPMI) leader Apostle Petunia Chiriseri said the Easter conference will feature former Zambia Vice President Dr Nevers Mumba.

The theme of His Presence Ministries is “100 percent manifestation of the life you were born to live: The Great Commission must be fulfilled”.

However, the Seventh-day Adventist Church East Zimbabwe Conference’s Pastor Kilson Muchoko said: “It is best to trace the origins of Easter and check whether there is any biblical support. It was suggested by Roman popes who were the religious superiors.

“Adventists recognise the Passover feast which we hold regularly because the feast is the death and resurrection of our Saviour.

According to Jehovah’s Witnesses website, “Jesus commanded that we commemorate his death, not his resurrection. We observe this Memorial each year on the anniversary of his death according to the ‘lunar calendar.”

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