Eaglesvale hold ‘Book Week’

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Eaglesvale Primary School spent the past week encouraging pupils to read through a week-long programme dubbed “Book Week”.

The week ended last Friday through a ceremony in which all pupils and their teachers came dressed in their favourite book character’s attire.

From Oliver Twist to Superman, the pupils showcased what they love reading and the school headmaster Mr Michael Bvumbe said there is no substitute for wide reading.

“The culture of reading books is dying and today the richer people get, the more televisions they buy and every room has a TV. When is reading promoted?

“Teach your children to read. I once lived in Kent in England and every house had stacks and stacks of books.

“They read and it makes them more aware of what is going on in the world. That is what we want from our children. And children who read tend to do well in school,” he said.

He said in an endeavour to encourage a reading culture among their pupils, the school introduced the book week and they have held it once every year for the last five years.

“For continuity, every morning, for a quarter of an hour everything freezes for silent reading. Even the “groundsmen” and staffers must all put their tools down and read a book. We do this every day throughout the year,” said Mr Bvumbe.

The school also had books on sale through the week and published writers were also invited to read to the pupils during assembly.

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