Duped by maiguru

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Duped by  maiguru MUDZIMBA with Mai Chisamba

The Sunday Mail

Thank you so much for The Sunday Mail platform. I am a married woman, blessed with two kids. We budget together with my husband, but there are skeletons in our closet.

We decided to keep some money for a project of ours so we had promised each other we would not tell anyone about this. We saved until we raised US$1 500.

I do not understand what got my husband excited and he told his brother about it. Maiguru, my sister-in-law, joined in and sweet talked my husband into taking our money ku banking club yekubasa kwavo. He was promised 15 percent interest every month and he gave in.

I tried very hard to discourage him but he would not listen. Maiguru, a civil servant assured him that the money was secure since they only gave loans to other members in their ministry.

Mai Chisamba, it is now two years and we have not recovered our money. Tinoita zvekuvabvunza; havana kana hunhu hwekutiudza what is going on.

This has put a big strain on the family, we no longer see eye to eye. We do not even visit each other as we used to.

What hurts most is maiguru’s I-don’t-care attitude. She just says the people I gave did not pay back – that is all.

I want my money; what should I do? We are talking about a lot of hard-earned money here. We sacrificed so much for our children and ourselves. Takatamburirei?

There is a lot of tension within the family because of this issue. My husband is a bit chilled because these guys once looked after him. I do not know whether this was the motive behind kutsakatika kwemari iyi.

What measures can I take to recover this money? I am angry and confused. Please help.

Thank you for reading my column and for writing in. I am happy that you budget together as a couple; so many out there are failing to do that.

The first problem was you were let down by someone you love and trust. You had agreed to save the money for a specific project and not to let anyone else know about it. He should have never told his brother about this because there was no need to.

I cannot put a finger on it but I am somehow convinced that your hubby was lured into this deal because of greed.

He once stayed with his brother and maiguru; maybe they knew this weaknesses and exploited it. The issue of a 15 percent interest rate each month swept him off his feet. He should have listened when you did not buy in to maiguru’s idea but he chose to bulldoze and do it his way.

Ndiye akakonzeresa dambudziko rose, that is why he is chilled he knows what he did. He tied himself up.

It is very sad that maiguru and hubby are taking this so lightly. They know they do not have a legal obligation in the absence of a signed agreement.

My advice is whenever you exchange money, agree on a payment plan and put it in writing. It would be even better if it is drawn up by a lawyer.

I know you are angry and confused but the odds are on your side. I doubt if this lending club is registered to do such activities; zvizhinji zvinongori zvechimbadzo and half the time people are at each other’s throats.

This issue really is tearing the family apart and it is just not good. I suggest you engage respectable family members, have an indaba and come up with a payment plan.

They should pay the money on behalf of maiguru’s partners who were supposedly involved in this. It is unfortunate you may not know these people.

You are family and taking each other to court or the police can permanently dent your relationship, which is now already strained.

Maiguru and hubby should lead by example; they are part of the family elders. Maiguru needs to work on her attitude too. Kuchengeta hama yako hachisi chikwereti.

Pray for the family and God will surely answer you. I would be happy to hear from you again.

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