Drama as chief threatens reporter

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Drama as chief threatens reporter Sunday Mail

The Sunday Mail

Tendai Chara
Those who attended Chief Chipuriro’s traditional court at Museka village, Guruve two weeks ago watched in astonishment as Chief Chipuriro, born Clever Mashiki, went on a wild tirade against this writer, threatening to beat him up.

The traditional leader said the reporter was an “unwanted alien” during his rant that took place in full public view on March 25.

This writer introduced himself to the chief and informed him of his intention to cover proceedings at his traditional court, but the local leader went ballistic.

“Who brought you here without my clearance? You are not wanted here. I only entertain journalists whom I know and trust. Go away and never come back,” a livid Chief Chipuriro said.

Efforts to explain to the traditional leader that the reporter only wanted to observe how he conducted the court sessions drew more ire.

Chief Chipuriro went into overdrive when he was asked why he was against the idea of having the media cover proceeedings at his court.

“How can you ask me such a question? You are challenging me at my court. I can have you beaten up,” a fuming Chief Chipuriro fulminated as he advanced towards this reporter.

The intervention of one of his aides saved the situation.

In the wild rant, the chief boasted that he was a former police officer and was capable of beating up this writer.

He also claimed he is “well-connected” and above the law.

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