Digital agric directory launch this week

09 Aug, 2020 - 00:08 0 Views
Digital agric directory launch this week

The Sunday Mail

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THE Agribusiness Talk, a team of agricultural professionals behind the Agribusiness Magazine, will this week launch the Digital Agribusiness Directory to provide farmers with an electronic platform to search and share information on agriculture.

The free directory will provide a link to farmers and stakeholders through digital gadgets and devices.

The Digital Agribusiness Directory, whose foreword was done by the Permanent Secretary for Lands, water, Agriculture and Rural Settlement, Dr John Basera, is the first comprehensive farm business reference in the country.

“The freely distributed electronic directory is set to complement the Government’s efforts in promoting agricultural productivity by providing farmers with information and convenience in terms of finding goods and services as well as comparisons thereof,” said Agribusiness Talk.

“The information on product and service providers is organised into sections such as crops, livestock, farm equipment and machinery, information and technology, farmer education, farmer organisations, agricultural finance institutions, risk management, markets and marketing institutions, and media amongst others.”

Agribusiness Directory will list Government ministries, departments, parastatals and other key stakeholders thereby enabling farmers to have easy access to relevant authorities.

“Farmers can now inquire on producer prices directly from the Grain Marketing Board, Agricultural Marketing Authority and others instead of being taken advantage of by unscrupulous traders or buyers,” added Agribusiness Talk. Free distribution of the directory through electronic platforms will ensure any farmer has access to it.

“The format is compatible with most smartphones. Links to the download will be shared to all farmers at no cost.”

The directory will be distributed on social media platforms, which include Facebook and Twitter.

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