‘Development needs not a political name’, Gore

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‘Development needs not a political name’, Gore

The Sunday Mail

Sharon Munjenjema
The manifestation of development does not need politicians who come camouflaged in political parties, but only individuals that are able to deliver, Warren Park National Assembly Independent candidate Jimson Gore believes.

The 41-year-old says he has a greater chance of winning compared to 12 other candidates also seeking to represent the suburb in the National Assembly.

Said Mr Gore; “People are ardent, they understand that it is no longer the issue of the party, it is not a protest vote and this is a vote for sustenance.

“People have matured in politics and are now seeing individuals’ characters and traits rather than the party especially at constituency level.”

The seat Mr Gore is vying for has been held by the MDC-T for the past 13 years and he believes the opposition dominance in the area over the years will be his greatest campaign ammunition.

“The longer it (the seat) was held by MDC-T and the lack of development that can be seen in the constituency is actually a gain to independent candidates because they are not coming camouflaged in political parties,” he said.

“Development does not need a political name but it needs a person who is able.”

Gore, a married father of three resident in Belvedere, said he decided to get into politics after witnessing a state of developmental stagnation in the constituency.

Warren Park constituency encompasses the suburbs of Fontainebleau, Cold Comfort, Crowbrough, Warren Park 1 and D, Belvedere, Milton Park, Ridge View, and Westlea.

If elected, Gore promises to improve the lives of residents in the area.

He plans to lobby for the construction of more clinics in the area, while increasing the number of visiting doctors at the health institutions already available.

Gore said, “As the MP my emphasis is on decentralisation of health services with greater management and monitoring role of the local council over health care clinics in Warren Park Constituency.”

Gore, who is a holder of Bachelor of International Law Degree and a registered estate agent and property valuer, desires to set up two legal clinics in the area.

The clinics, which will be limited to estates administration, will help especially widows in matters relating to deceased’s properties as well as other matters of property wrangles and will writing.

He also intends to create an aid program that will offer food and health care assistance to widows, the elderly as well as nursing mothers.

“Every society has a responsibility to look after its elderly members of the community and as a legislator I will have no exception with this thrust,” said Gore.

In line with his wish to offer access to quality health, the aspiring legislator said he would increase the number of boreholes in the area to a ratio of one per fifty households.

He promised construction of kitchens for open space cooked-food vendors as well as maintenance of sewer pipes.

For the youth, Gore said he would facilitate the building of a sports and recreation centre.

The aspiring legislator said he would prioritise road rehabilitation if elected.

He said, “Warren Park has an A5 road (Bulawayo Road) passing through it but there are no speed limit signs or enough zebra crossings. Look at Longcheng Plaza, who builds such a big mall without considering the pedestrians?”

Gore plans to pursue an inclusion policy, as he will ensure the participation of people living with disabilities in all the constituency’s programs.

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