‘Death and Other Complications’ this August

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‘Death and Other Complications’ this August

The Sunday Mail

MIRAZVO Productions is proving to be a game changer the local film industry has never been the same since their arrival with captivating creations.

On August 23, the production house will launch yet another movie, “Death and Other Complications”, a dark comedy, which is set to crack ribs while addressing serious issues at the same time.

Leading the cast is Admire Kuzhangaira, popularly known as Bhutisi, who plays John, a spoilt young man who does not care about anyone else but himself. The story revolves around the shenanigans of this particular individual, his lifestyle and how he reacts to situations when he is under pressure.

While his parents and the rest of the family are away, he decides to bring a girl over but things take a nasty turn when she dies in his bedroom. With the family arriving in the midst of this unfortunate episode, the protagonist has to do everything he can to keep his secret hidden.

Other actors who feature in this film include Gamuchirai Dive, Stella January, Eddington Hatitongwe, Moses Kawara and Tendai Nhamo. This might be Kuzhangaira’s first gig in a full length film, but this actor has proven himself over the past few years both in social media skits and on television.

If his hilarious signature antics are anything to go by, this will definitely be a comedy to look out for. The film will be screened at the cinema but producers have also promised to make it available on DVD and on ZBC-TV.

Speaking to The Sunday Mail Society, the producer, Shem Zemura, said the movie came to life after a writer approached him with the idea.

“Bernard Sande, who is the one who wrote the script, approached me with the idea while we were at another premiere and I instantly fell in love with it,” said Zemura.

“It seemed a good idea to give people something that would make them laugh considering that we made them cry in our other movie, ‘Kushata Kwemoyo’.”

He added that while this is comedy, it is meant to explore societal and cultural issues that affect Zimbabweans on a daily basis.

“When I was growing up, I always wanted to visually educate people while at the same time entertaining them through African stories. This film is inspired by the everyday lives of ordinary Zimbabweans, our culture, belief systems and way of life.”

Mirazvo has made several other successful productions which include “Muchaneta”, “Muzita Rababa”, “Kushata Kwemoyo”, “The Fall of Esau” and “My Lady” to name a few.

Zemura is currently working on a family drama, “Time Will Tell” and a romantic comedy, “What Love Is”.

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