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U6, Mabelreign Girls’ High
Stars of Tomorrow dancing lionesses of Mabelreign Girls’ High School ruled the pride at the HIFA Simba Youth Zone on Friday 2 May 2014 where they shared the podium with the proverbial Pearl Natasha, the British-born Zimbabwean songbird.
They exploded excitedly onto the exotic green donning indignant indigo tops and skin-tight ebony jeans; spinning surreptitiously to the sounds of Rihanna, Mampi, Shinso and Winky D, among many others. The velocity of vicious vibration reverberated the rocks of the Simba youth zone matching beat for beat to their ferocious footwork as they did their moves like nimble nymphs.

The urgent urban beats were belted onto the green by none other than the dependable DJ Naida of the disco fame. The thirsty throng of teens responded passionately to the intoxicating innuendo of insinuating sound as they guzzled the gruelling gyration of gangster moves and drowned in decibels of sound.

The final fragment of the fiesta was a feisty fusion featuring sassy songbird Pearl Natasha and The Stars of Tomorrow. This sent the ecstatic crowd into orbit as Pearl belted out bombshells from her just released British album whilst the Stars of Tomorrow bamboozled the multitudes with a bazooka of blazing boogies.

The dance crew is an all-female ensemble which majors in dance. Their patron, Theodora Chirapa, noted that her vision was to see more girls opting to take up careers as artistes so as to paralyse the proverbial myth that the fine arts were a genre for school dropouts and failures.

Kudzai Nyabango is a Sixth Form student at Mabelreign Girls’ High School and member of Stars of Tomorrow. The group, resident at Mabelreign Girls’ High School in Harare, performs mainly at schools, variety shows, culture days, arts festivals, etc. For further details contact their teacher in charge on 0772487227.

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