Dancehall showdown to close 2018

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Dancehall showdown to close 2018

The Sunday Mail

Andrew Moyo

IN 29 days, the world will say goodbye to 2018.

New Year’s Eve is without a doubt one of the most celebrated days around the globe, usually accompanied by excessive partying and religious processions.

While the HICC has over the last few years hosted some of the biggest parties on the day, this time around the City Sports Centre is holding all the cards as it plays host to the New Year’s Eve Zim dancehall Shutdown gig.

This is without doubt the biggest dancehall gig to be held in recent times. It features all of the country’s top chanters, DJs and MCs on the same stage. While there has been a growing trend of gigs with line-ups that are put together along musical factional lines, this particular event breaks all the barriers.

From the pioneering voice of Dadza D to the contemporary genius of Enzo Ishall, this will be an all-inclusive bash that is meant to satisfy every Zim dancehall fan.

An explosion is definitely in the works with a cast comprising of Jah Signal, Soul Jah Love, Seh Calaz, Freeman, Kinnah, Hwindi President, Bazooka, Blot, Natty O, Judgement Yard, Fayah Links, Templeman and Garry B, just to name a few.

This might not be a clash but it will definitely be action packed as every artiste will be trying to prove that they have what it takes to be at the top.

Several artistes who might easily be described as relics, having failed to make any significant impact this year, will be seeking to use this stage to redeem themselves or at least prove that they are still in the game.

On the other hand, the current crop of rising superstars will also want to protect their new-found fame, which simply means they have to bring their A-game as they face off with their icons.

The likes of Dadza D, Seh Calaz, Hwindi President and Kinnah need no introduction when it comes to their prowess in rousing crowds as they always deliver electric sets.

While Soul Jah Love has been a crowd favourite for many years, his behaviour has contributed to the demise of his brand but as long as he shows up at this event, fans are definitely in for a treat.

And while there might be bigger artistes than him, Enzo Ishall owns the music space at the moment and as it stands, he is set to end the year on that strong note. While many upcoming artistes fail to deliver when performing live on stage, this young men is yet to disappoint.

Just last week he stole the show at Unplugged after coming on as a surprise act. He had the crowd singing along to his hits which include “Ndarasa Mbanje”, “Next Time”, “Smart Rinotangira Kutsoka” and “Kanjiva” to name a few. Another artiste to look out for at this show is Jah Signal, who is currently riding high with new album “Jaya”.

Not only is there enough fire-power in terms of seasoned live performers but the crew behind turntables are also capable of ensuring that there will not be any shortage of entertainment during intervals.

This is a show not to miss for those who will be in Harare on December 31.

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