Daiton Somanje remembered

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Daiton Somanje remembered

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Dennis Chimanzi recently in MARONDERA

HAD the late Pengaudzoke frontman Daiton Somanje been alive today, he would have, without doubt, been very proud of his son Faheem.

Faheem, who is following in his father’s footsteps, is keeping the Pengaudzoke legacy alive by releasing new songs and holding live shows.

This year marks eight years since Daiton’s death.

When Daiton passed away in 2015, Faheem was only 24.

Defying the odds, Faheem took over the Pengaudzoke mantle and has since released two albums.

Faheem will, on April 7, the date on which his father passed away, release a new album titled “Ziya Harinyepi”. This is Faheem’s way of commemorating the death of his father.

Some of the songs on the eight-track album are “Ziya Harinyepi”, “Ndichawana Anondida” and “Zororayi Murugare”.

Faheem, who dedicated the new album to his father, vowed to continue preserving the Pengaudzoke legacy.

“We are launching the new album on the day my father died. This is a way of honouring and remembering him. As the eldest son, it is my duty to keep my late father’s legacy alive and I am going to do just that,” Faheem said.

Faheem released his debut album, titled “Ndezvedzinza”, in 2020.

“I gave my first album the title ‘Ndezvedzinza’ to show that, in my case, singing is hereditary. I inherited this talent from my father,” said Faheem, who was speaking on the sidelines of a musical show in Marondera.

In 2021, the Pengaudzoke frontman released his second album “Dzinoruma Hadzihukure”.

Basing on the large crowd that attended Pengaudzoke’s recent live show in Marondera, the band is still popular.

Faheem was showered with praises after the show, which was held at the popular Matadi Bar.

Sungura musician Mark Ngwazi, who performed alongside Faheem, was full of praise for the upcoming musician.

“The youngster’s performance reminds me of the days when his late father was still active. The young man is talented and destined for the stars,” Ngwazi said.

The Pengaudzoke line-up is made up of members who worked with Daiton, among them lead guitarist Admire Zhuwawo and rhythm guitarist Learnmore Tafirenyika.

Bass guitarist Tichaona Winesi and drummer Gift Mozilandi were also part of the Pengaudzoke line-up during Daiton’s days.


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