Cyber Security bill to protect consumers: Govt

02 Dec, 2020 - 12:12 0 Views
Cyber Security bill to protect consumers: Govt Minister Jenfran Muswere

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THE Cyber Security and Data Protection Bill is Government’s response to the threats and complexities that will emerge from the new technologies under the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Information, Communication Technology Postal and Courier Services Minister, Dr Jenfan Muswere, has said.

Speaking during the official opening ceremony of the Computer Society of Zimbabwe ICT Summit, Dr Muswere said the Government intends to nurture an environment where enterprises built upon technology can thrive.

“With the increased utilisation of these technologies also come new complexities, particularly in ensuring data protection and privacy,” said Dr Muswere.

“What comes to mind immediately are the cyber-security implications.

“As we transact, innovate, communicate, disseminate and explore the fundamental question is: ‘Who is policing the fair use, safety, and intrusion of the cyberspace?’

“This is perhaps one of the biggest puzzles of this time, which my Ministry is hard at work resolving through our efforts directed towards the Cyber Security and Data Protection Bill.”

“This Bill is our legislative response to setting the right legal framework upon which all cyber security superstructures are to be built.”

He said the Fourth Industrial Revolution will accelerate deployment of efficient methods of doing business including e-commerce and expand the reach of local enterprises into global markets.

“One of the most exciting possibilities in this era is achieving efficiency in e-commerce, which is inextricably attached to the Government’s objectives under the ‘Ease of Doing Business’ initiative.

“It is the next level, which has been accelerated by the pandemic, and all sectors of our economy have embraced, in an impressive fashion, conducting business online.

“Put together, legal reform in the wake of this fourth industrial revolution landscape is one of my Ministry’s top priorities as we set out to expand our reach into the global market through instilling confidence in all stakeholders.”

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