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Count the votes, not the protests

21 Aug, 2016 - 00:08 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

The Sharp Shooter Vukani Madoda
If the number of protests held were what delivered an election victory, then the opposition would certainly form the next Government of this country. There is a frenzy of protesting and the protests are well-orchestrated to ensure that they inevitably clash violently with law enforcement agents.

The stage-managed protests are done in full public view with videography and photography ready to capture the predictable violent clashes.

Social media are then used to quickly spread images of the clashes.

In this age of Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, backed by yellow journalism and sensationalisation, the strategy is to bring about long-rejected regime change.

Lately, the quality and quantity of the protests are well-calculated and intended to create a global outcry against the constitutionally-elected Government of Zanu-PF.

Opposition forces are competing against each other to count the number of protests against the Government of Zimbabwe that they hold every week in South Africa, Kenya, the US, the UK and Australia.

The gallivanting and globe-trotting pastor-cum-politician Evan Mawarire is reportedly planning a protest against President Mugabe during the United Nations General Assembly in New York next month and a number of unpatriotic Zimbabweans are vowing to join him.

Their intention is to lie to the world that there are outrageous human rights abuses in Zimbabwe.

Their intention is to lie that there is no peace and security in Zimbabwe.

Regrettably, protests about Zimbabwe are at the tail-end of the food-chain as the world has other pressing issues to protest about such as Boko Haram, Syria and the Middle East crisis.

To buttress that regime change agenda, back home, attention-seeking misfits like Stern Zvorwadza, Patson Dzamara and Promise Mkwananzi are busy fighting running battles with law enforcement agents hoping to protest a constitutionally-elected Government out of power.

Their idleness is sickening and their lack of political acumen will frustrate them to the grave.

This lot of protesters, supported by a non-existent ZimPF party, waning MDC outfits and expired rogue elements of a splinter war veterans grouping are now strategising their own demise with reckless propensity.

Every day they count the number of newspaper articles in which they are quoted saying something irresponsible against Government.

Every day they count the number of protests they have held against the Government.

Every day they count the number of withered flowers they want to force law enforcement agents to receive.

Every day they count the number of police, the number of baton sticks and the number of tweets their protests attract.

They seem arithmetically gifted as they churn out irrelevant statistics. If you want to see inappropriate intelligence at its best or worst, just consider this fascination with useless statistics that these fly-by-night eccentrics want to pass of as giant strides to State House.

They forget that it is only an election that can give them the power which they seek. It is the votes that matter stupid, not the number of protests or the number of tweets.

The philosophy is simple, get the vote, get the gold! Simple! No vote, no gain! Simple!

They can protest and protest and protest but if they do not get the vote they will continue to protest until rivers flow upstream or the proverbial unicorn comes.

Zanu-PF is getting the vote while they protest.

Cde Martin Dinha got the vote while they protested. In the Norton constituency by-election, Zanu-PF will get the vote will they protest. In the Chimanimani West by-election, Zanu-PF will get the vote while they protest.

The same will also happen in the Bikita by-election while they protest.

Zimbabweans are smarter now. Gone are the days of the protest vote. Gone are the days when docility used to reign supreme and the electorate would vote against something rather than vote for something.

Gone are the days of simply voting against Zanu-PF or against President Mugabe.

We are in an age of voting for progress, for unity, for peace, for development and for sovereignty.

Never will we vote for protests. Never will we vote for regime change. Never will we vote for the US, the UK or Australia’s interests.

So while other are busy counting the number of protests they have done, Zanu-PF is be busy counting the number of votes it has in each constituency and counting the number of seats it has in Parliament.

While others are protesting, Zanu-PF will be looking to the votes of 2018.

This is just a little lesson in putting arithmetic to good use.

Our enemies are busy counting the number of years our leader has lived on this Earth, or the number times he has been on an aeroplane, while we are busy counting the votes that will keep those years going and those aeroplanes flying.


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