Council reverses US$1 parking fees

02 Jul, 2020 - 13:07 0 Views
Council reverses US$1 parking fees

The Sunday Mail

Kuda Bwititi

The Harare City Council has put on hold its decision to raise parking fees to US$1 per hour following a public outcry.

This means parking fees will remain pegged at the old rate of $20 per hour.

The new fees were supposed to start today.

In a statement today, the City Council said it had decided to reverse the hike to allow for wider consultations.

“Council, as the sole shareholder in City Parking, has engaged the business unit following widespread complaints over its new parking tariff. The shareholder has shelved the utility’s move to charge US$1 or its equivalent until proper consultations are done and consensus reached. In the meantime, parking revert to the old rate (sic).”

Earlier this week, Harare City Council had said it would charge US$1 per hour, or the equivalent pegged at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe auction.

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