Corpus whizkid’s 27 points at A-Level

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Corpus whizkid’s 27 points at A-Level

The Sunday Mail

Harrison Tauro
Corpus Christ High

THERE is a popular adage that says you are what you repeatedly do, therefore success is not an act but a habit.

This adage is reading perfectly well for me and my colleagues at Corpus Christ High School in Kuwadzana 3.

I scored 27 points out of a possible 30 after choosing to do six subjects at A-Level.

I scored 4As, a B and a C (Pure Maths A, Accounting A, Geography A, Statistics A, Economics B, and Business Studies C).

From 18 Units at Grade 7, I was adopted into the Corpus Christ culture in Form 1 and at O-Level, I got 10 As and 2 Bs — all on a scholarship.

I also want to congratulate my colleagues, whom I am told 55 of them have at least 10 points with a great number scoring over 15 points.

My good friend Forgiveness Jofana scored 23 points.

Forgiveness scored As in Accounts, Pure Maths and Statistics and Bs in Business Studies and Economics.

To be frank, Zimsec only confirmed what we already knew.

During our two years of doing A-Level, we used to dislike the school’s strict disciplinary code and the way the teachers would be on our case.

As an orphan, I came to Corpus on a scholarship. I do not regret the move because when I look back, it was all God.

My colleague, Forgiveness, summed everything up when I asked him how he felt about collecting his 23 points,

“I’m happy but not surprised. You know we worked hard because the teachers and the system at Corpus Christ High didn’t give us an option. The journey was difficult, but look at us now. The end justifies the means. From the first day we came here we were assured we are not here to play, but we were also guaranteed great results that would make us look back at our hard two years with smiles. I never doubted the school because they have a record that I could refer to and we are not the only ones who are happy. All our friends and classmates are also celebrating,” he said.

I await God’s Grace to shine on me again as I pray to get funding for the next level.


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