Corpus Christ gem gets 23 points

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Corpus Christ gem  gets 23 points

The Sunday Mail

Corpus Christ High student Darlington Mabaya scooped 23 points (Pure Maths A, Business Studies A, Accounting A, Statistics A, Economics C) in the 2018 A-Level examinations. More than 10 of his colleagues at the same school scored 14 points and above. The Sunday Mail Scholars’ Scroll asked him to write an article about how he achieved the feat. Read on . . .

Darlington Mabaya

Corpus Christ, U6

IT HAS been a long gruelling journey laden with unending night oil burning. But as the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (Zimsec) announced the latest A-Level results, thank heavens, all the tiring effort is now bare for all and sundry to see. I do not necessarily want to take personal glory for these results. Otherwise I will forget to give credit where it is due for this achievement which some may be tempted to apportion to me alone.

There is no doubt that there are many factors that catapulted me to the top and without either of these I probably would not be here.

Firstly I want to thank the trinity — the Almighty God at the top, and Corpus Christ High School for giving me the perfect platform and atmosphere for me to study and achieve my dream. I thank God for my resilience as well which saw me soldiering on in the face of drawbacks. Corpus Christ High School and its entire teaching and ancillary staff will forever occupy a special place in my life for having afforded me the opportunity and guidance to achieve this milestone and it is important to note that it is at this same institution that I scored 10 A’s at O-Level two years ago.

I am also elated that I now hold the school’s A-Level record having surpassed the previous holder who had 20 points and earned himself a Presidential Scholarship to study in Russia for his efforts.

I also congratulate my colleagues Ray Bota who got 18 points, Pritchard Sakala 17 points and all my now former schoolmates, at least 12 of whom got 14 points and above. It would be very unfair if I were to sign off without singularly paying tribute and expressing my sincere gratitude to the principal — Mr Ngwandingwa.

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