Connect dedicates graduation party to women

19 Sep, 2019 - 09:09 0 Views
Connect dedicates graduation party to women

The Sunday Mail

Andrew Moyo

This coming Friday, hundreds of University of Zimbabwe academics will be in a merry mood as the learning institution hosts its graduation day for this year.

After the ceremony, with all the capping and certificate selfie moments out of the way, graduation parties will take center stage.

While some graduates prefer celebrating their big day at home with family and close friends, others would rather hit the clubs and let loose.

Club Connect might prove to be the perfect outlet on this day as it plays host to an event dubbed the Independent Women UZ Graduation After Party.

The party will be hoisted by Pokello, with numerous artistes including Raydizz, Trevor D, Bryan K, DJ Eve, Fujee, Tha NU_Vyb, Iroq, Arz and Switchbase, to name a few, set to perform.

In an interview, one of the organisers, DJ Fujee, said they had decided to dedicate the party to the women who were graduating on the day as they also wanted to play a part in pushing the message of women empowerment.

“There is a notion that after graduation, women don’t usually get job opportunities equal to their male counterparts, that should not be the case,” said Fujee.

“We are dedicating this after party to them, not just to celebrate their achievements but also to spread that message of women empowerment.

“Pokello will also be giving away her popular Pink Bottom heels to numerous lucky graduates as they get ready to enter the corporate world.”

The club is popular among college students, with the joint always coming up with unique concepts that cater for such crowds.

Meanwhile, Bryan K will also use the opportunity to launch his new single ‘Tungamirai’, which features Crooger.

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