Complaint against the police

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Complaint against  the police The police has been roundly criticised for selective application of law and order, turning a blind eye to the menace caused by kombis on the city’s roads

The Sunday Mail

Our ref: L J/NC/pd/ZLHR
21 April 2016
Nkulumane Police District

Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Complaint against the conduct of police
The above matter refers.
We act for and are instructed by Everme Mirirai, please note our interest.
Our client advises us that on the 15th of April 2016, at about 9am she was driving along Nketa Drive near West Commonage, where she was stopped at a road block by police officers.
She advises that she was told that she was in contravention of the law in that her reflectors were smaller than required and was required to pay a spot fine of $40.
She paid the spot fine under duress and after that requested for her driver’s licence, which the arresting detail refused with.
She then took a photograph of the police officer in question so as to use the picture as evidence when she would later make her complaint.
As she was taking the photo, the police officer in question grabbed her phone and assaulted her, tearing her clothes.
Three other officers joined in the assault until people gathered and started taking pictures. Upon realising the commotion being created, one male officer then requested that they leave our client and give her back her phone and licence.
This conduct by your officers acting within their scope and capacity as police officers is unlawful, and a clear violation of our client’s right not to be treated in an inhumane and degrading manner.
It is our belief that your office (Nkulumane Police District, Bulawayo) will take time to investigate the matter and bring to book the police officers who were involved in this unlawful act.
We look forward to your response and valued feedback.

Yours faithfully,
Lizwe Jamela,
for and on behalf of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights

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