Commit to greatness like Jesus

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Commit to greatness like Jesus

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Hunt for Greatness
Milton Kamwendo

There are no half-hearted champions in anything! If you cannot do big things, then do small things in a big way. Rather set big goals and take giant steps. God did it too and keep doing it. Make no small commitments and take no small timid actions. Playing small does not solve anything. Playing average does not cure anything. Playing mediocre does no good to save anyone. If you are going to be thinking any-way, rather think big and then take a giant leap. Think really big and bold and take giant steps.

Bury the past and do not use it as a limiter. Where you were born does not matter and do not keep using this as an excuse. It is what you do, where you do it, for whom you do it and with whom you do it that matters most. Think big and enlarge the scale of your ambitions. Remember and learn from Jesus.

You have likely heard of Jesus the Christ, the Saviour. Some call him after his place of birth, the little town of Nazareth. His legacy lives on today in the lives of his many followers, of whom I am part and the global institution that he set up that is called the Church. His busy has so many distribution channels that appeal to different people in different ways. Whether you are a Christian or not there are many powerful principles that you can learn from the story of Easter story.

Commit to your goals

If you have not found something that matters keep searching. If you have found it commit and act. Greatness comes through commitment, decision and action. Many people keep stating wishes and options instead of making a commitment and taking action. Jesus taught that the Christian life is a commitment and decision. For Jesus he was so committed to his cause that he was willing to live differently and die for his cause. He took massive and committed action. Even when he had to die it was part of the bigger goal, the cause and the purpose. He was intentional. You can kill a per-son, but never his noble mission.

Are you committed to your mission, purpose and dreams? While others are calculating and wondering whether they should or should not commit, just commit and take action. Stop taking the safe lane, where you are not accountable for anything and you do not commit to anything. Your commitment is not revealed by what you say, but by the corresponding action that you take.

Commit to action

The advent of Jesus was a big decision and a clear realisation that you can never make any change sitting in the same place. He therefore came with a mission and focused it. Focus and massive action makes all the difference. Take what you do as a noble calling. As you serve aim to reveal God’s goodness to people. Make a difference daily to someone’s life. Live with the awareness that your life matters. If you have nothing important to do you can easily play with and abuse your life. Jesus was a man on a mission. He was on the move, doing things, touching lives and making a difference. The same is true for you. Nothing will happen if you keep waiting, complaining, mourning and hoping that time will change anything. Time does no change much, perhaps just your looks and hairline. Nothing changes simply because you are waiting for it to change. Through your focused and relentless action you can change ages and times. Do not wait for things to happen in order to change, decide to happen on things in order for change to come. Get into the action mode and be on the move. You do not have the luxury to be idle.

It was easy for Jesus to adopt the posture of a victim and to look for all the excuses he could find. Your story will not change by sitting still, complaining loud, and being bitter that someone has not made your life better. Get into the action mode and press eject on the victim button. Move something, touch someone in a special way, do something and keep moving and do not stop because someone else suggests that you cannot do something. Be possibility minded and action focused. Get busy with the project of active living and quit an idle existence.

Commit and bust limitations

You have heard the story of Jesus birth and his circumstances of birth. Jesus had to overcome the stigma. He lived his life facing forward not backwards. He was born in a little insignificant town. He slipped into time and the great ones of his time had no idea who had come around. He did not have the advantages of the modern world but all that did not deter him from a global dream and universal action.

Your past is over — its expired, do not build your existence around expired molecules. Many people spend their lives studying their limitations. They pass their time looking for reasons why they cannot do things. They are always on the look out for excuses. They investigate all the obstacles in their way. They look stories of failure to strengthen their failure thesis. They share stories of things that never worked and strengthen their negative convictions. Not for this son of Mary! He spent his time doing impossibles. Put your limitations behind you and opportunities ahead of you and you will be called a miracle worker.

Commit and zoom

You cannot think micro and hope to be great in the macro landscape. Mindsets hold people back. Change your thinking and you change your life. You cannot act micro and manifest macro. You cannot compute micro and execute macro. Match the scale of your ambition to your mission. This is what Jesus did. He enlarged the scale of his ambition and mission. His mission was global. He assigned his followers to blaze new trails and go to the end of the earth. He ensured they were enabled and empowered. Your village and town are not the ends of the world. Stop celebrating mediocrity.

No one is born great, everyone is born a baby. You have to fashion your greatness and do whatever it takes to elevate your life and fulfil your mission. Move with re-solve, and take giant steps and daily actions. No one is born with great knowledge, you have to learn and expose yourself. You have to invest in growing your capabilities. Stop beating yourself up for not knowing and not being able to do things. Break the inertia and whatever you do not know you can learn. Whatever you are not today you can become if you commit your time in learning and mastery.

There is nothing wrong with your place of time of birth. You were born at the right time and you are in the right place. Start making some big moves and taking some big bets in the direction of your mission and goals. You do not have to be apologising for your circumstances and where you are. Stop feeling inferior and thinking that the whole world owes you anything. Take personal responsibility and massive action. As you take action many things will also start moving in your favour.

This is a special weekend and very special Sunday. All over the world we celebrate the life and the work of a Man who changed the course of history. His beginnings was small, yet his end was great. Where you start does not matter, what matters is where you are going and the vision you have. You are not just a historical statistic but you are special. No one can take your place, think your thoughts, or have your finger prints. You have a special place that no one can take. You are too important to be ignored. Look up to the possibilities you have and elevate the size of your dream and the actions you take. Remember and commit to Jesus!


Committed to your greatness.


 Milton Kamwendo is a leading international transformational and motivational speaker, author, and a virtual, hybrid and in-person workshop facilitator. He is a cut-ting-edge strategy, team-building and organisation development facilitator and consultant. His life purpose is to inspire and promote greatness. He can be reached at: [email protected] and His website is:




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