Comfort is for the dying. . . be ready to make mistakes

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The Sunday Mail

Daisy Tsikire
Health Sciences student, UZ
EVER wondered why when you reminisce about the past, the most vivid, exhilarating memories are the ones when you made “a mistake”?
Like that one time during the tryout season when you found yourself gallivanting through the football field after strict orders to be seated in class, although you had no business being there. The coach threw you a ball, you played along and somehow was lost in the moment, frolicking and were so good it baffled even you and ever since, you can’t fathom life without football?

Perhaps you dated someone who wasn’t up to your social standards and jumped through hoops to keep both the significant other and your social status then after all that it was like you had an epiphany, you realised the astounding strength you had? Maybe you wore an outfit that people would bet could have made the top of the worst dressed list and now you’re duly acknowledged as a trailblazer?

Life is measured by the number of mistakes made as opposed to the nerveless choices. The more mistakes you make, the visible the evidence that you’ve lived.

Do not live in a capsule you’re not a pill.

Because most people box themselves, they get trapped in a humdrum existence which sees them leading dreary lives.

Refuse to be defined by someone’s preconceived notion of who you are supposed to be. The gift of life is yours to explore, don’t spend it frivolously.

In life, like a Rubik’s cube, you have to make a lot of twists and turns some of which will be mistakes and some right, but when all is done everything is perfect no matter how you look at it. When you look back it’ll be the challenge that makes it worthwhile so live for the challenges.

The predicament comes when we exist too cautiously and too comfortably that we forget to live.

Comfort is for the dying.

So often we get confined in this mind numbing disease called routine where things are just bland. Stuck in the same insipid livelihood, it’s too depressing when things don’t work out.

Most fall victim to that trap and inevitably resort to self-harm because it’s easy to succumb to defeat when your thinking is narrow.

Before embarking on any journey, be it towards a dream or anything you are passionate about ask yourself ‘’Are you content with yourself to the point that you can allow yourself to take risks, make mistakes and feel great about it regardless of the outcome?”

That bold attitude will take you farther. Part of creating your own opportunities hence success, is to prohibit the friability attitude towards making mistakes.

No one has a formula on how to live life and the ones who have wisdom acquire it because of the experiences that came about as a result of daring to take risks and making mistakes.

Those that offer great advice are the ones who were bold enough to make mistakes. Be daring, push the boundaries, free yourself from mental and social slavery. Do not live cowardly.


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