Church should fight violent crime

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Church should fight violent crime

The Sunday Mail

RELIGIOUS organisations should play a role in the fight against abuses like rape and other violent crimes, Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister Prisca Mupfumira has said.

She told a Roman Catholic Highfield Holy Week procession last week that, “Cases of child abuse are on the rise. In some horrible instances, children as young as days old are being abused and one wonders why such things are happening.

“To worsen the situation, most of the abuses are perpetrated by close relatives. We have heard about fathers raping daughters or brother abusing his sibling; it’s just bizarre.

“The church is an important institution and its found either in urban or rural areas. We should help fight abuses and guide local communities as well as the traditional leaders.”

Minister Mupfumira said Government was recommending a mandatory 40-year sentence for convicted rapists.

“Rape cases show that Christianity haimo muvanhu and this Easter, people should repent and follow Jesus. If we are strictly guided by religion, abuse cases can be reduced in no time.

“Some abused people are afraid of speaking out but I am sure they can do so in a church environment where pastors are available. The abuse cases include sexual, physical and murder; we need to pray for against such abuses. Religion can be panacea to some of these ills.”

Minister Mupfumira encouraged women to play a leading role in protecting children from all forms of abuse.

“We have women’s fellowships in churches; let’s teach each other how to look after our children. The Government, church and the community should work together to fight this rot; it’s destroying future generations. Religion should play a pivotal role of raising awareness in the community” she said.

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