Christmas is not a December 25 event

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Christmas is not a December 25 event

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American actress, singer and songwriter Dale Evans once said: “Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.” Put simply, Evans was trying to emphasise that Christmas is not all about December 25. There can be so many Christmases throughout the year.

As Zimbabweans are we finding time to love? Are we finding time to give? Are we showing some love in action or this love in action is only a December 25 event?

Food for thought as we enjoy the festive season. Merry Christmas to all Zimbabweans! May the Lord continue to bless this beautiful nation!

According to former UK prime minister Winston Churchill: “Christmas is a season not only for rejoicing but of reflection.”

Zimbabweans have to use this season, not only to rejoice but to reflect because since the beginning of November, the country has gone and is still going through some life-changing developments, especially on the political and economic front.

For the first time in the history of this country, we experienced a November like no other November. November was an eventful month, with a lot of dramatic events that culminated in the resignation of former President Robert Mugabe and the historic inauguration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa. As the sun set on the iconic African legend, a new dawn arrived as the man popularly known as “Ngwena” or simply as “ED” took over the reins of power.

There is no doubt that former President Mugabe laid a solid foundation for Zimbabwe. History will record that that selfless son of the soil, that Pan-Africanist, that visionary and that principled leader played his part as Zimbabwe pioneered several programmes that sought to economically free indigenous people. Of course, he offended quite a number of imperialists and in the process some Zimbabweans missed his point, but those rented emotions will die down and the former president will take his rightful place in history.

As he took his Oath of Office, President Mnangagwa was very bold saying: “Let me at this stage pay special tribute to one of, and the only surviving father of our nation, Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe. He led us in our struggle for national independence and assumed responsibilities of leadership at the formative and very challenging time in the birth of our nation . . .

“To me personally, he remains a father, mentor, comrade-in-arms and my leader. We thus say thank you to him and trust that our history will grant him his proper place and accord him his deserved statue as one of the founders and leaders of our nation.”

This statement by President Mnangagwa was very instructive. His message was very simple – this revolutionary, this jewel of Africa and this African teacher should be treated with respect. We will never, ever forget Gushungo.

While the former president laid a solid socio-economic and political foundation for Zimbabwe, President Mnangagwa has come in to put the finishing touches. He has hit the ground running, brought a new culture of “work, work, work” in Government and has shown the international community that Zimbabwe is ripe and ready for business.

President Mnangagwa has brought back smiles on the faces of many Zimbabweans, both at home and abroad. There is a new sense of optimism, there is renewed hope and there is excitement in the air. Even the opposition which at first thought it’s still the same old game, has woken up to the realisation that this new game in town is unstoppable.

The President has struck the right chord with the people and as the people go for holidays, the excitement is clear. This is despite the miscalculated mischief from some retailers who have been inflating prices of basic commodities to steal Christmas from the ordinary people.

Fortunately, these retailers have failed to steal Christmas, but going forward, Government has to come up with proper pricing structures built on economic fundamentals not speculative tendencies to maximise on people’s misery. Government has to address the issue of cash shortages and come up with holistic solutions to revive the economy.

In his address to the 107th Ordinary Session of the Zanu-PF Central Committee, President Mnangagwa showed that he is fully aware and is up to the task at hand. “We will not be able to accomplish much for as long as our sense of party work remains hidebound in the old template of looking at Zanu-PF as about politics, politics and politics alone. No more, its politics and economics.”

So as we meet as families, let’s toast to a new beginning and as rightly put by the President, Zimbabwe does not belong to Zanu-PF or MDC but to the people of Zimbabwe.

Enjoy your Christmas, but remember this is not a December 25 event. God bless Zimbabwe!

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