Choral singer goes solo

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Choral singer goes solo

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Animals that hunt in packs or groups often increase their chances of success in capturing prey.

However, some animals, particularly the largest species of the cat family, prefer hunting alone and are usually no less successful than their familial counterparts.

In fact, it is much easier to judge an animal’s capacity when it individually hunts down its prey.

This anecdote aptly describes the evolution of some choral groups, where the symphony is forged out of the collective talent of individual members.

The secret for success in such set-ups is teamwork.

But there are some who still feel the need to spread their wings and explore their talent.

Names such as Pastor Alex Gunda quickly come to mind.

The affable preacher and singer has over the past decade been working with some of the best choirs in the country, among them Zimpraise and the United Family International Church (UFIC).

But he recently embarked on solo projects.

“I have many songs I have written and performed since 2010 that are on the UFIC  choir albums and some feature on Zimpraise projects,” said Pastor Gunda.

Embarking on solo projects, he said, was not as a result of bad blood between him and the choirs in question.

“. . . because of the numbers involved in a choir, it is not possible to have a singing group project that carries more songs from an individual since we try to accommodate more compositions from every member. That is the reason I thought of recording some of the songs that I have as an individual.”

His latest solo project “Excellent is Your Name” features the fine voice of Psalmist Hubert C.

The suave and soothing track sings to the glory of the Almighty.

It is exactly what the doctor ordered.

“I am currently working on another praise single that is coming soon. I am so much excited about that project because it has a different feel from this one,” revealed Pastor Gunda.

“Many people would want to interpret the love of God through the things they have accumulated but God remains God in all situations.

“It is prudent that we praise and worship him all the time.

“In our situation, we have seen his power and mercy in this coronavirus crisis,” he said.

Projects that he worked on with UFIC and Zimpraise include “Vhangeri”, “Tariro”, “Mutsvene Baba”, “Greater Life”, “Riripo Tsime” and “Ndodzoka”.


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