Choose your inner circle wisely

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Choose your inner circle wisely

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“My circle” is a statement usually used by people referring to their friends.

But, according to an online dictionary, the phrase can refer to not just friends, but people one goes along with, be it friends, family, schoolmates, college or work colleagues.

However, there is the inner circle which consists of the most trusted people in one’s life.

These are individuals that mean more than your ordinary social friends.

The list may also include family members, friends and professional colleagues.

And this week we are going to focus on this inner circle.

I have grown to appreciate that selecting people that fall under this category is often determined by the heart and how we feel around particular people.

But bear in mind that how we feel about certain people is not how they feel about us, and this always complicates relationships, including marriages.

This brings us to the question: Are inner circles safe?

Also, to what extent should one value an inner circle?

A person’s life is largely shaped by what and who surrounds them.

It is a fact that loneliness often creates boredom. Thus, everyone at some point needs people to interact with.

However, it is through this interaction that we eventually become dependent on certain people and even be comfortable sharing anything with them.

Sadly, some people have been betrayed by the people they trusted most.

It is for this reason, therefore, that I advise you to carefully select your circle.

Take time to understand the people you want to trust most.

Be patient and pray about the people close to you before you start emptying your heart and life to them.

Also, you can start by testing them with trivial information and observe how they handle it.

It is dangerous to share important personal details with someone with a loose tongue.

Social media is awash with testimonies of friends that have betrayed each other.

There are friends who are sleeping around with your hubby or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend under your nose.

Several people have been left heartbroken by the people they thought were close friends.

Without proper counselling, some have developed mental and emotional challenges, while in extreme cases, others have committed suicide after being let down by their inner circle.

So, it is important that you know the kind of person you are (self-identity) and who you want to be in life.

This will help you choose your friends wisely.

Birds of a feather flock together.

Character is very important.

If you are better in terms of character and wisdom in your circle, make sure you do not get contaminated.

Instead, be the influencer and help others improve.

But, it is important to check if you are not being made part of a circle because of your resources.

Fake love is toxic and creates problems, hence you need the spirit of discernment to know your true friends or relatives.

If you are being used, it is high time you remove such people from your life.

Be with friends and relatives that help you improve your life rather than those that push you into all sorts of negative things.

Genuine friends do not discriminate against each other on the basis of wealth since money is not everything.


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