Chipaz salutes dancehall artists

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Chipaz salutes dancehall artists

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PARTSON “Chipaz” Chimbodza, a renowned music promoter who recently organised a live musical show in honour of the late Zimdancehall star Soul Jah Love in Harare, says the Zimdancehall genre should be kept alive.

According to the music promoter, the fact that the Soul Jah Love commemoration show was over-subscribed proves that Zimdancehall is still a popular genre.

“It is almost two years after Soul Jah Love’s death and the fact that the venue was packed to the brim shows that Zimdancehall is not only popular but will also pass the test of time,” Chimbodza said.

The Glamis Arena, which was filled to the rafters, has a capacity to hold 10 000 people.

Speaking on the sidelines of the show, Chipaz urged music promoters to give upcoming Zimdancehall artists a chance.

“Basing on what I saw at the gig, we have so many talented Zimdancehall artists. This genre is one of the most popular. The only problem is that the upcoming artists are not being given the exposure they desperately deserve,” Chipaz said.

Chipaz also urged corporates to help in the identification of future Zimdancehall stars.

“We have so many young and talented artists throughout the country. These aspiring artists need to be identified and groomed. The corporate world can come in and help identify talented artists by sponsoring talent identification shows,” added the Harare businessman.

Chipaz had no kind words for some of the corporate bodies whom he said were “reaping where they did not sow.”

“The sad thing is that most of these big organisations do not want to be involved in talent-identification shows. All they want is to hire established musicians at the expense of the aspiring artists,” Chipaz said.

He singled out Delta Beverages for introducing the Chibuku Road to Fame, a talent-scouting competition which thrusted the likes of Romeo Gasa and Tendai Ngwazi into national prominence.

“I urge companies to emulate what Delta Beverages have been doing to the local arts industry. The Chibuku Road to Fame competition is a clear example of how corporate bodies can effectively work with and promote the arts industry,” added Chipaz.

The late Soul Jah Love rose to stardom in 2013 after releasing the hit song “Ndongosimudza Musoro.”

During this period, Soul Jah Love faced stiff competition from Zimdancehall artists like Seh Calaz, Kinnah, Silent Killer and Ras Caleb, among others.

“Chibaba” as Soul Jah Love was also affectionately known as, went on to produce hit-after-hit until he breathed his last on 16 February, 2021.

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