‘Chipanga pushing factional agenda’

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‘Chipanga pushing factional agenda’ Cde Chipanga

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Zanu-PF Bulawayo youths say the party’s Secretary for Youth Affairs Cde Kudzanai Chipanga is pushing a factional agenda and sowing divisions in their structures.

Under-fire deputy secretary for the Women’s League Cde Eunice Nomthandazo Moyo is also accused of imposing her factional agenda in Bulawayo province.

The 12 Bulawayo youth executive members who recently resigned from the provincial structure said they felt they had to leave their positions because of Cde Chipanga’s meddling.

They also said Cde Chipanga was “lying” that only six youth leaders resigned.

“Cde Chipanga and Bulawayo Youth League chair Cde Anna Mokgohloa say only six youth executives resigned from the province and have since been replaced by co-option. The truth of the matter is that 14 executives resigned. However, two ‘withdrew’ their resignations. As things stand, 12 executives have resigned and not six.

“It is clear that Cde Chipanga has a certain factional interest in the affairs of Bulawayo.

‘‘He is trying to divide the 14 who originally resigned. The two have bowed to Cde Chipanga’s pressure and he is hoping to make more of us also withdraw our resignations,” read part of a statement they issued last week.

The youths also pointed to the “unfair” suspensions of fellow executives Cdes Davis Muhambi and Munashe Mututsa as an example of the “catpure of the province” by a faction.

The resignations, dismissals and suspensions have left the Bulawayo youth executive with 11 members, and according to Zanu-PF’s constitution, provincial executive committees of the organ should have 40 members each, with two-thirds forming a quorum.

Without the required quorum, fresh elections must be held, but Cde Chipanga is accused of blocking polls and instead imposing even more people to fill the vacancies.

“The ‘co-options’ to fill the executive are unconstitutional. They are nothing short of a canard perpetrated by people who either do not understand or have no regard for the constitution of the party. We chose to stand with the people and by the constitution.

“It must be made clear that we did not resign from the party but from the provincial executive of the youth league; so we remain members of the party.”

Cde Chipanga said he could not discuss the issues raised by the Bulawayo youths, adding: “If there is anyone with grievances, he/she is free to write to my office and if they are not satisfied, they can engage the Secretary for Administration (Cde Ignatius Chombo).”

On Friday, one of the 12 who resigned, Cde Delight Ngwenya gave a solidarity statement at a demonstration in Bulawayo against under-fire Women’s League Deputy Secretary Cde Nomthandazo Moyo, and pledged continued allegiance to President Mugabe and First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe.

She said, “We say to the Women’s League, we support your programme 110 percent and we are fully behind you. We stand with you today as we all condemn and resist attempts by Cde Sandi Moyo and Cde Sarah Mahoka to divide and ‘capture’ the Women’s League. We abhor any attempts to denigrate, vilify, slander or disparage the First lady all for factional interests. Youth Yaramba! Sithi Akwenzi!”

She asked why Cde Chipanga had seemingly found it difficult to support the Women’s League demonstrations, only joining in after “a formal invitation”.

“It is of our view that waiting for a ‘formal invitation’ is not only a sign of pomposity but also of ignorance towards the plight of the people … Do we as the youth need any formal invitation to defend the revolution let alone our First Lady?”

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