China’s love for traditional medicine

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The Sunday Mail

Fatima Bulla in Beijing, China
A walk through the Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre in Beijing is like an encounter between ancient and modern.

Here, ages-old traditional knowledge meets cutting edge scientific endeavour.

Ru by Beijing Guoyi Hui Hospital Management Company Ltd, the Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre integrates scientific research, conventional medical care and traditional medicine to tackle the the most complicated health conditions facing humanity.

For countries like Zimbabwe that have a rich but dying traditional medicine base, the centre provides great lessons on getting the best out of traditional and modern knowledge systems.

Its growth stems from the China State Council’s Five-Year Plan (2015-2020) to develop traditional medicine.

Founded in 2016, Guo Yi Hui has gathered a team of experts headed by masters of Chinese medicine.

Placing an emphasis on the critical role played by traditional medical practitioners, masters of Chinese medicine are specially hired and a team of high-class experts is gathered to provide accurate diagnosis and treatment schemes.

The hospital’s model demonstrates the critical role of partnerships between traditional medicine and scientific and technological expertise.

The Disease Preventive Conditioning Centre co-operates with the Shenzhen Hangong Enterprise and Management and Consulting Company to apply unique health-preserving methods created by experts to regulate the human body, reach equilibrium, nurse various chronic disease and fatigue syndromes among other services.

The Medical Rehabilitation Centre, in partnership with the Beijing Life Spring and Health Investment Ltd, introduced the Rayonex Pyramid Health Management system which integrates early warning etiological diagnosis and morbid disease rehabilitation into one entity to provide health pre-examination, health conditioning and medical consultation, among other services.

The centre’s Biomedical Examination and Conditioning Centre’s partnership with Life Caring Health Science and Technology Company uses ultra-micro intelligent detectors, human life cell health detectors, small bio-chemical examinations and other scientific methods to find human health concerns in advance.

They use a series of biological products to eliminate stool, regulate intestinal flora, repair cells, resist oxidation, promote body’s own metabolism, activate immune cells, repair cellular radiation injury and adjust immunity.

All these processes reveals the importance of partnerships between traditional medicine and scientific and technological expertise.

While local traditional medicine is still stored in ways that leaves it unattractive to use, institutions like the medical centre have gone a step further to provide modern-day packaging that is also attractive, ensuring a form of standardisation for any prescription of the traditional medicine.

In demonstration of how they value traditional medicine, Beijing Guo Yi Hui Hospital Management Company Ltd has a cultural salon which – among other things – organises Chinese classes and lecture programmes.

In addition, a herbal cuisine restaurant has been set where you find authentic raw drugs and food carefully collected as the raw material of herbal cuisine, green and environmental friendly. Further, all Formulas come from ancient Chinese classical herbal cuisine formulas, with recommendations by the China Association of Health Protection.

Buttressing this point, chair of Guo Yi Hui, Zhang Hailan, says traditional medicine is the inheritance of Chinese civilisation for over 5 000 years.

“It is an indispensable and important part in the history of the world medical science and it is also the cream of Chinese working people’s wisdom.

A doctor at Guo Yi Hui, Shao Shujun, says the Chinese mindset of practising what has been done over the past 2 000 years means that traditional medicine played a critical role in current developments as the history has been preserved even in books.

“Chinese people tend to accept this concept of using traditional medicine because it is the traditional way. We have this concept in our mind,” she said.

“Traditional Chinese medicine is very effective, so many people want to use the herbs. The herbs can also be used as medicine and some, as food. Actually many tend to choose it because of less side-effects.

“It’s quite important to have the Government supporting traditional medicine initiatives. Our chairman Xi Jin Ping put up a policy to promote medical schools, especially traditional medical schools.

“After that, the students can find a job as there are more options. The policy is connected to more jobs and more options after one has graduated,” Dr Shao says.

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