Chi-town dam to ease water shortages

18 Sep, 2016 - 01:09 0 Views
Chi-town dam to ease water shortages

The Sunday Mail

Shamiso Yikoniko Sunday Mail Reporter
Chitungwiza Town Council has finalised selection of financers for construction of a long awaited $231 million dam to supply water to the dormitory town. The Sunday Mail has established that the local authority has submitted names of prospective funders to Government.

Once approved, the council hopes to start construction of the water body before year end.
Chitungwiza town clerk Mr George Makunde said the Municipality had since identified Muda Dam, situated 40 km south of the town and running from Mahusekwa, for expansion to cater for residential and industrial water needs.

“The authority has plans for the construction of a dam that will service the town,” he said.
“We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with an organization called Sessani that has been forthcoming in terms of looking for funds for the dam construction,” said Mr Makunde.

“We have tabled it before council and made a resolution that the organization is going to secure funding for dam construction.
“Three Chinese investors have expressed their interest to invest in the project and Sessani has to make a decision on which one to pick. After ministerial approval, the project will kickstart. “Once Government approves, it will be serious work on the ground. We are hoping to see construction begin by the end of the year.”

Chitungwiza currently gets its water from Harare, which has been rehabilitating its system of late, resulting in inconsistent flow of the precious resource to the dormitory town.

The precarious water situation in Chitungwiza has seen most residents receiving water once a week with the situation deteriorating over the last couple of weeks.

Mr Makunde said the local authority has a number of proposals to offer the investors as a guarantee for their funds.
He said the construction of the dam will enable the municipality to store 75 megalitres against a demand of 30 megaliters. Chitungwiza Residents Trust (Chitrest) director Mr Marvelous Kumalo said the latest development is good news.

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