Chamisa pulls election results shocker

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Chamisa pulls election results shocker

The Sunday Mail

Blessings Chidakwa and Heather Charema
MDC Alliance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa claimed that he will not accept the July 30 harmonised election results unless he is declared winner at a rally in Kadoma.

Mr Chamisa said this at Rimuka B Ground in Kadoma, where he addressed a modest crowd before claiming that once in power, he will introduce a digital era that will encourage donkeys to honk online.

“We want an audit of the Biometric Voter Registration exercise and there will not be any election that will go if our demands are not met. If any election goes on and l am not a winner, l will dispute that,” he said.

“We are going to introduce a digital Government, we want a situation whereby you will have wi-fi at your home and to provide for donkeys to honk online”

Chamisa also threatened to shut down Zimbabwe Electoral Commission offices as well as roll out demonstrations until their pre-conditions for holding free and fair elections are met.

“We are going to close ZEC offices and that is not a threat. We are going to demonstrate. ZEC is abusing the law on printing of the ballot papers, we should be allowed to monitor the printers, where it (the ballot paper) goes after printing and do a test run for at least eight hours until it reaches the person who votes. The elections will not go on if we are not part of that process,” he said.

Chamisa also admitted that MDC-T run local authorities had failed to deliver.

“We are having a challenge of councilors who only think of self-benefits, you should transform fortunes so that the country moves forward.

“Service delivery is no longer being prioritized, we want to amend that, maybe through reinstating the executive mayor’s position.”

Chamisa who has become famous for his sharp tongue also said MDC Alliance Government would make Zimbabwe a bread basket of the world.

He also took the opportunity to belittle his late leader Mr Tsvangirai for being too soft on Zanu PF before, during and after the inclusive government era.

“Councilors go and serve the people, you used to do unruly things during (former MDC-T leader Morgan) Tsvangirai’s time as he was too soft, but l am different. l am a hard knock, do not seek positions to only enrich yourselves with stands, but address issues of service delivery,” he said.

“The failures that happened to Tsvangirai will not happened to me, he was tricked in the previous elections by Zanu PF,” said Chamisa.

“On July 30 after voting, inauguration will follow, l will be already at State Jouse, inside, even if President Mnangagwa resists l will insist.

“We witnessed it when Tsvangirai won the previous elections and waited to be handed over the button stick, that did not materialise.

“Just after you finish voting, l will be in State House, if you are courageous, you will accompany me.”

The rally, which was supposed to be held under the MDC Alliance banner, ironically drew members only from the MDC-T.

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