Cde Ndlovu speaks on ill-health

03 Jan, 2016 - 00:01 0 Views
Cde Ndlovu speaks  on ill-health Cde Ndlovu

The Sunday Mail

FORMER Deputy Speaker of the Senate and Zanu-PF Central Committee member, Cde Naison Khutshwekhaya Ndlovu has spoken out for the first time ever since falling ill early last year.
In an interview at his Luveve 4 home in Bulawayo on Thursday, Cde Ndlovu said due to his deteriorating health, he has not attended any Zanu-PF meetings, including the Annual People’s Conference recently held in Victoria Falls.
“I fell ill just after the New Year’s holiday (in January 2015) and I have not been well since then. I get ill just like everyone else, and I am praying that as we enter the new year I will get better,” he said.
Cde Ndlovu was the last chairman of PF-Zapu before the Unity Accord which gave birth to Zanu-PF. He was also Bulawayo’s first black mayor.
He said although he has been behind the scenes on the political front due to illness, he was pleased with Zanu-PF victories in all by-elections last year, warning that the party should not to relax.
“Zanu-PF needs to strategise and maintain power since the party has made big strides so far as they have won the by-elections. You do not relax in times like these but have to ensure that the enemy does not get a chance to penetrate. Elections are around the corner so we have to be focused on winning,” said Cde Ndlovu.
Cde Ndlovu’s wife, Sithokozile, said they need support.
“In times like these, you need support from others. This is seen by visits and even phone calls, that strengthens you when your loved one is ill. When it seems like you are alone, it is tough.
“Khulu (Cde Ndlovu) is a man of integrity and served the country well and he also deserves to have people coming in to visit during this difficult time.”
Cde Ndlovu turned 85 last September.

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