Catholic schools in congress

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Catholic schools in congress

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Tanaka Mukwada Lower 6 Kriste Mambo Girls High
On 4 August 2016 all Catholic schools affiliated to Christian Life Community {CLC} converged at Serima High School, Gutu, for our annual congress. Schools present included Kriste Mambo Girls High, Kutama College, Monte Casino, Marist Nyanga, St Ignatius College, Dominican Convent Harare and Bulawayo, St Joseph’s Rusape, Mukaro High, St Dominics Mutare, Regina Mundi, Domboramwari High, Hama High, St Lukes, Georges, St Benedicts, Mutero High, Holy Cross, St Rupert’s Peters Kubatana and the hosting school just to mention a few.

By 8:00pm all schools had arrived but since it was already late we managed to have introductions and further went on to set our own ground rules.

Thanks to the Kutama gentlemen who managed to come up with a song in relation to the theme of the congress which was “Breathing Space: Finding God in everything,” by the end of the day everyone was able to sing along and at the same time have fun.

Before going to bed we prepared for our morning mass which was blessed by the presence of Bishop Munyongani.

On the next day the first thing we did was celebrating mass with the Bishop who gave us lessons on how to build a better Zimbabwe and being good to people.

After mass, we had our breakfast and afterwards went for our first session for the day where we were told of the three pillars of CLC, namely Spirituality, Mission and Community.

It was easy to discuss on these three for we had been put into ten communities and in each we had students from different schools.

After a bible reading from the book of John 4 vs1-26 everyone, had the chance to reflect and hear what God was saying to them.

When supper had been had everyone was asked to observe silence reflecting on the statement, “Who Am I?” Believe us when we say that this was indeed a difficult thing to do for most of us are not used to silent environments but we however managed to pull through.

The next morning participants shared their experiences on the reflections, after which we had our breakfast and were assigned to different homesteads around Serima.

Some went to the hospital where they did manual work while others had the chance to meet and interface with newly-born babies.

There were yet others who went to visit a disabled sister in her early ‘40s, whom we helped to do her remaining chores which included fetching water and going an extra mile of planting some trees at her homestead with the hope that they will be taken great care of.

Another group visited a mother in her 60s who takes care of her disabled daughter. After this we came together and shared our experiences from these different places.

The night sessions were based on presentations from different schools and afterwards an evaluation of the congress.

Before heading back to our respective homes, we blessed our day with a mass and breakfast.

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