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4 years ago | November 30, 2014

‘Ray Kaukonde faked O-level certificate’

Addressing thousands of students at her Mazowe Children’s Home on November 17, First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe said ousted ...

OPEN ECONOMY: Finding a role to play

Every now and then, it helps to look at the country as one big corporation that we all work for.

INSIGHT: Banking, factionalism and the Ugandan maid

November is a low-key month in our culture. The “month of the goat” brings down the curtain on all festivities and ceremonies.

No more of simple-minded politicians

On November 15, 2014 Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa was unanimously nominated Zimbabwe National Liberation War ...

Nothing wrong with President choosing deputies

Ndavaningi Nick Mangwana The key to continuous success is assembling a stable, coherent and focused team.

4 years ago | November 23, 2014

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Police should up their crowd control game

Let’s face it and let’s accept it – we are sitting on a ticking time bomb with regards to crowd control during ...

Prioritising youth start-ups vital for 2015 National Budget

Innocent Katsande The dry labour market potentially has tragic consequences on the future economy.

Sanctions: One on one with the EU Ambassador

On November 1, the European Union (EU) scrapped part of the sanctions it imposed on Zimbabwe in 2002 at the instigation ...

ZHUWAO: Bad leaders must be kicked out – now!

There is need for the Central Committee to be monitored regularly by National Peoples’ Conference on behalf of Congress ...

OPEN ECONOMY: Is Zamco worth the bill?

When we suffer from any kind of sickness, we prefer doctors to cure our ailment and not just the symptoms.

INSIGHT: Education Curriculum review long overdue

Zimbabwe has come far in terms of education development. There was a time during the colonial era when the New Education ...

4 years ago | November 16, 2014

ZHUWAO: Human and Natural Resources are KEY to ZIMASSET

Last week I received a number of calls and messages from people who were disappointed that my article did not touch on ...

EDITORIAL COMMENT: No cow is too sacred

Bold decisions do not come from feeble men and women. They are made by people of valour.

Building a society based on critical thinking

In simpler terms, it is said history is the best teacher. It is not progressive to think and dwell on the past.