4 years ago | September 21, 2014

MAININI BEATRICE: Don’t stress, spill it all out

LOVE AND BEAUTY with Mainini Beatrice This week we are doing things differently. I received this handwritten letter ...

Mudzimba with Mai Chisamba: UNFORTUNATE IN LOVE

Please note that the Mai Chisamba Show is now screened at 1900hrs every Sunday on ZBC TV. UNFORTUNATE IN LOVE

Bottoms up!: October brings two beer festivals to Harare

Garikai Mazara – Leisure Editor A phenomenon that has its roots in German culture is sinking fast into Harare’s ...

‘Unruly fans have no place in Zim dancehall’

A top music promoter who is one of the biggest Zim dancehall supporters, Robert Zhuwao, has condemned the ...

BIG BROTHER AFRICA: Meet Butterphly, Zim’s BBA rep

Zimbabwe – Butterphly Age: 24 Butterphly is a radio, television presenter and producer from Harare.

4 years ago | September 14, 2014

Season for PARTYING: Summer is party time!

Revellers warned against drug abuse Parents should monitor their children Parties involving orgies and binges

Mudzimba with Mai Chisamba: What a horrible mother-in-law I have

Mudzimba with Mai Chisamba What a horrible mother-in-law I have Mai Chisamba makadii? I have been married for 12 years ...

Does a death hoax/news sell music?

THE arts industry, just like any other form of business, thrives on aggressive marketing.

Dancehall: On-fire Busy Signal coming to Zim

Reggae dancehall’s most-sought-after entertainer, Busy Signal, is headed to Zimbabwe.

Corporates doubt Zimdancehall

Zim dancehall artistes have embarked on a charm offensive that is directed towards corporate institutions, though ...

Artistes cry foul over CT Live Beats

Written by Sharon Kavhu Zim dancehall artistes and producers are crying foul over a bogus international television ...

MAININI BEATRICE: Help, can’t find my libido!

LOVE & beauty with Mainini Beatrice “Help me shaa! I urgently need assistance. I have lost my sexual appetite!”

4 years ago | September 7, 2014

JAZZ FEST: Dorothy “Aunty Dot” Masuka for Jazz Fest

“Performing in Zimbabwe makes me complete — I really enjoy making the trip to either Bulawayo or Harare for gigs, it ...

I am not a feminist after working hours

Written by Tino Hondo I know many empowered women who wear their power like a suit which they rock during the day then ...