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3 years ago | September 13, 2015

Dealing with last minute gremlins

Tendai Mbirimi What do you do when the unexpected threatens to blight your day? No matter what precautions you take, no ...

3 years ago | September 6, 2015

COOKING: Enjoy homemade Chinese spring rolls

Filling 500g beef, chicken or pork fillet; 500g bacon steak;

GARDENING: Get that grass singing

GRASSES are among the most resilient groups of plants in the plant kingdom. They have been used by man since time ...

3 years ago | August 30, 2015

Wedding spoiler alerts

Tendai Mbirimi Bridal Writer A Wedding is a special occasion for two important people but it is even more important for ...

3 years ago | August 16, 2015

WEDDINGS: Amateur photographers may cost the fun

Tendai Mbirimi – Bridal Writer Your wedding day will only happen once and therefore ensure you hire a professional ...

3 years ago | August 9, 2015

BRIDAL: Glitz and glamour of jewels

Tendai Mbirimi – Bridal Writer On every wedding, glitzy and glamour belong to the couple!

4 years ago | July 26, 2015

BAKING: Homemade red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting

UNDENIABLY one of the most popular cakes of our time is a red velvet cake — a chocolate cake with a beautiful red colour ...

BRIDAL: Planning the big day without stress

Tendai Mbirimi  – Bridal Writer In planning your wedding, always remind yourself that nobody — not even your ...

4 years ago | July 19, 2015

BRIDAL: When NOT to say ‘I do’

Tendai Mbirimi – Bridal Writer For many young girls, being a bride is the closest possible thing to living ...

GARDENING: Cash in with the African violet

Andrew Mangwarara IT is the belief of some that nothing good comes from Africa, but I dare you to think otherwise.

4 years ago | July 12, 2015

BRIDAL: Who qualifies to be marriage officer?

Tendai Mbirimi – Bridal Writer MOST people tend to forget the importance of a marriage officer.

4 years ago | June 28, 2015

GARDEN AFFAIR: Snakes in the garden!

LIKE them or not, snakes are a common occurrence in the garden, that is where they live as well. Though there is an ...

BRIDAL: Dancing jiti at your wedding

The groom’s team descends on the dance floor in old-fashioned outfits comprising bell-bottomed trousers and unmatched ...

4 years ago | June 21, 2015

Moments with Zim’s power couple

Wendy Nyakurerwa – Assistant Editor Just over a year after tying the knot in style, Mrs Bona Mugabe-Chikore, nee ...