Milton Kamwendo

4 years ago | August 16, 2015

Hunt for Greatness: You can change your story

To doze off at the most critical time is to cast away opportunity. Complaining about your lemons when others are ...

4 years ago | June 14, 2015

MOTIVATION: Never be disabled by the past

The size of your struggles should not be your title to depression. Inside every struggling person there is a giant that ...

4 years ago | June 7, 2015

To change anything, think in new boxes

CHANGE happens when you change your perception and rebel against your limiting boxes. The essential fraction of change ...

4 years ago | May 31, 2015

Motivation: Whatever you go through, don’t forget to grow

Times of challenge and pressure are not times to do nothing and die.

4 years ago | February 15, 2015

MOTIVATION: Easy street closed for good

You may be disappointed if you try and fail, but you are doomed if you do not try. It is easy to give up after the first ...

4 years ago | January 25, 2015

MOTIVATION: Develop the spirit of a pioneer

There is more that has never been done, that is waiting for you to do, than what has been done. If you lack imagination ...

4 years ago | January 18, 2015

HUNT FOR GREATNESS: Let’s hail our teachers!

MY teachers shaped and moulded me beyond what they will ever know or imagine.

4 years ago | January 4, 2015

MOTIVATION: Celebrate while you have the opportunity

I WAS ambushed by life. As I stood there, I froze. Time raced as all the moments scampered through my mind in a ...

4 years ago | November 30, 2014

HUNT FOR GREATNESS: Improving your strategy planning

YOU are either strategic or simply guessing your way through issues. There are places where guesses work. The ability to ...

4 years ago | November 16, 2014

MOTIVATION: To be great talk less, take more action

FOR the first few years of life, the huge labour is teaching a baby how to talk and from then on, you have to spend the ...

4 years ago | November 9, 2014

MOTIVATION: Keep trying, don’t give up

SIGNIFICANCE is not about where and how you will be buried. That is death, not life.

4 years ago | November 2, 2014

HUNT FOR GREATNESS with Milton Kamwendo: Grow, don’t die

Hunt for Greatness I WOKE up today with a strange, nostalgic feeling. I wanted to look at my old photographs. What a ...

4 years ago | October 26, 2014

Something happens when you grow up

If you are not growing, you are dying while pretending to be alive. Something happens when you grow up, whatever your ...

4 years ago | October 19, 2014

MILTON KAMWENDO: The rural space is not a rotten one

UNLESS you are relevant to spaces that matter, you may not matter much. In my work, I do a lot of work with ...