Milton Kamwendo

11 months ago | April 8, 2018

Margins and the magic of greatness

Whenever I hear or see the word “margin” I picture my Masuku Primary School teacher who insisted on it without compromise.

11 months ago | April 1, 2018

Motivation for greatness from Easter story

This is a special weekend and very special Sunday.

11 months ago | March 25, 2018

Be ruthless, greatness is not a joke

Unless you are Trevor Noah, Carl Joshua, Q Dube or Nceku, who get paid for turning serious issues into comedy fare, stop ...

12 months ago | March 11, 2018

Express your brilliance to achieve greatness

Milton Kamwendo Hunt for Greatness You are brilliant and do not die feeling that you do not measure up to other people’s ...

2 years ago | August 6, 2017

The quest for competence

THE words of the wise are well known. If you have a choice to make between speaking and listening, it is better to ...

2 years ago | July 30, 2017

Take the front row seat

Where you sit determines what and who you see.

2 years ago | July 9, 2017

Translate yourself into greatness

SOME things are lost in translation, but everything is lost when there is no translation. Faced with the simplest of ...

2 years ago | May 28, 2017

Forgotten key to greatness is slowing down

Milton Kamwendo Hunt for Greatness GREATNESS is a journey best taken daily in good stride. Never fear taking small, ...

2 years ago | May 21, 2017

Pedal on and go beyond

Milton Kamwendo Hunt for Greatness DO not stop now, regardless of how rough and tough it may be.

2 years ago | May 14, 2017

Be great by joining the war on poverty

Milton Kamwendo Hunt for Greatness Poverty is painful bondage that afflicts generations and behaves like a malignant cancer.

2 years ago | April 30, 2017

Move beyond your limits

Milton Kamwendo Hunt for Greatness TO arrive too soon is to lose the plot altogether and miss the climax of the ...

2 years ago | April 23, 2017

The greatness of Independence

Milton Kamwendo Hunt for Greatness Time gives better perspective, room for sobriety, space for reflection and, ...

2 years ago | April 16, 2017

Greatness is one step away

Milton Kamwendo Hunt for Greatness GREATNESS is not far, nor is it for the selected few.

2 years ago | April 9, 2017

Silencing that voice of negativity

Milton Kamwendo Hunt for Greatness THERE are noises everywhere. Deafening noises that tempt you to be negative, cynical, ...