Chris Chenga

4 years ago | January 11, 2015

OPEN ECONOMY: Getting pricing policy right would be priceless

Numbers from the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe show prices over the last year have been on a downward trend.

4 years ago | January 4, 2015

OPEN ECONOMY: How rich nations build, converge political, ...

Zimbabwe was won. The history is well taught and cherished across our relatively new nation. Like 70 percent of the ...

4 years ago | December 14, 2014

OPEN ECONOMY: Priming desirable entrepreneurial impulses

It takes time to strike the right business venture. Let’s tone down the romanticism; not all entrepreneurial success ...

4 years ago | November 23, 2014

OPEN ECONOMY: Is Zamco worth the bill?

When we suffer from any kind of sickness, we prefer doctors to cure our ailment and not just the symptoms.

4 years ago | November 9, 2014

OPEN ECONOMY: Textiles and the tale of Cottco

I am yet to see a Zimbabwean walking around in the nude. Across cities nationwide, it seems as though every third retail ...

4 years ago | November 2, 2014

OPEN ECONOMY: Politicians sitting on economic issues

Backtrack a few months, those who closely follow the media landscape will recall. There was a bit of frenzy over what a ...

4 years ago | October 26, 2014

OPEN ECONOMY: Inter-period equity: Principle for Govt accountability

Inter-period equity is a principle practiced in governmental accounting. It infers that accountability entails ...

4 years ago | October 19, 2014

OPEN ECONOMY: Why are Africans paranoid?

When you are paranoid, you are constantly in a mental battle with oneself.

4 years ago | October 12, 2014

OPEN ECONOMY: State enterprises are hindering jobs and growth

“As Government, we are burdened by looking after a highly-educated unemployed group of people who are hunting for jobs,” ...

4 years ago | October 5, 2014

OPEN ECONOMY: The difference between average and great policy making

There is a saying that goes, “If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the theory.” Unfortunately, too often in ...

4 years ago | September 28, 2014

OPEN ECONOMY: Charting our own competitive course

Europe is seven years into recession. Italy and Greece have hit up to 42 percent and 56 percent youth unemployment ...

4 years ago | September 21, 2014

OPEN ECONOMY: Fiscal and monetary policies – all in good faith

It was the late Vice President Dr Joshua Nkomo who once said, “A people who love their Government will defend their ...

4 years ago | September 14, 2014

OPEN ECONOMY: Are natural resources, value addition enough?

We often wonder why for a country blessed with abundant resources, we seem short-changed in terms of national revenue. ...

4 years ago | September 7, 2014

Open Economy: The human element of economic progression

I like reading about romantic societies. By romantic I mean societies full of idealism, utopic dreams, and passionate ...