Chris Chenga

7 years ago | June 12, 2016

No such thing as textbook economics

The phrase “textbook economics” is often abused when there are disappointments with Government interventions and policy ...

7 years ago | June 5, 2016

The importance of product, service development

In many economies, emphasis is increasingly being placed on the profession of product development. Product development ...

7 years ago | May 22, 2016

The Economist’s shortcomings on Zimbabwe

A few years ago in an interview at a corporate briefing lunch hosted by the Silicon Valley Bank, The Economist ...

7 years ago | May 15, 2016

As people, are we competitive producers?

OPEN ECONOMY It has become increasingly apparent that as a nation, we are not producing much to an extent reflected by ...

7 years ago | May 8, 2016

RBZ measures are short-term at best

It was a disheartening sight at the end of April as urban streets were congested with citizens desperately wondering ...

7 years ago | April 17, 2016

End factionalism by creating a meritocracy

On November 27, 2015; Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa advised a gathering of agitated ...

7 years ago | April 10, 2016

OPEN ECONOMY; Thank you war vets for freedom of choice

It was a heart-warming sight on Thursday morning as we watched war veterans gather at the City Sports Centre in Harare.

7 years ago | April 3, 2016

OPEN ECONOMY: Shut them down, Minister Zhuwao!

The greatest misconception in the global economy today is that business and politics must be separated.

7 years ago | March 27, 2016

OPEN ECONOMY: As their ideology slips, let’s keep ours

Throughout mankind’s history, the most effective means of justifying an ideology has been by offering its fair ...

7 years ago | March 13, 2016

OPEN ECONOMY: Lack of accountability is the problem

GOVERNMENT is often accused of policy inconsistency and such concerns were also raised at a recent breakfast meeting ...

7 years ago | March 6, 2016

OPEN ECONOMY: Economic nationalism is legitimate!

A regular theme of this column has been the importance of public discourse; how a nation conducts its discussions, the ...

7 years ago | February 21, 2016

Open Economy: Understanding de-industrialisation and unemployment

“By contrast, Einstein seemed to invent general relativity simply because he wanted to — because he saw questions where ...

7 years ago | February 7, 2016

Open Economy: Let’s demand more from business agents

Governments worldwide have to deal with the pressure of satisfying the demands of business agents. In certain ...

7 years ago | January 17, 2016

OPEN ECONOMY: Solutions in the wrong context

I suspect that as an economy that went through the shock of hyperinflation, eventually losing our Zimbabwean dollar, we ...