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3 years ago | March 13, 2016

Battle for the Zim market…Mahindra Scorpio vs Toyota Landcruiser

INDIA has become a key pillar in the global automotive industry.

RECIPE: Elizabeth Megahey’s vanilla poached pears

THE soft texture of pears make them a perfect dessert ingredient, and paired with homemade butterscotch sauce, one is in ...

Beyond the Cover: Throwback to a Heinemann classic

Africa has a rich and diverse cultural background, and what better way to reflect on the lives of people who call it ...

3 years ago | March 6, 2016

It’s all for you, Sam

THE highly-rated Prince Edward Jazz Band will participate in all Samson “Sam” Mtukudzi commemoration gigs for free as a ...

Laughing all the way to the top

Last year, the local comedy scene experienced tremendous growth, capturing a huge new following. From performing in ...

From Battle of Toilets to Hifa

THE local theatre industry may not be huge on the mainstream entertainment scene, but it has a rich history. There are ...

BIG & SMALL SCREEN: Hallelujah, it’s all over!

AFTER the calamity that was the National Arts Merit Awards, the bar was set quite low for the Zimbabwe Music Awards.

BEYOND THE COVER: Useful tool to understand the Bible

INTERPRETING the Bible is a daunting task, which is why many people rely on their church leaders to help them understand it.

Yummy chocolate banana cake

Ingredients 125g soft butter or margarine; Three-quarter cup sugar; Two eggs; Two overripe bananas; One quarter cup ...

3 years ago | February 28, 2016

The girl who dared to dare

THE Namas have come and gone, leaving behind a trail of disappointments for those who went home empty-handed.For those ...

Prawn Cocktail by Chef Gineas

THIS week’s recipe comes from London-based chef, Chef Gineas Mupfayi, whose career spans more than two decades.

BEYOND THE COVER: War through Godfrey Hozo’s pen

Godfrey G Hozo’s “Mind in Turmoil” is one of these books that reflect on life during the colonial era. Despite the fact ...

3 years ago | February 21, 2016

Zima: Promise what you can deliver

FIRST it was the son Julian Marley, then the backing group I Threes, before settling for what looked like a definite, ...

The Big & Small Screen: Nama plumbs to new lows

IS there no end to the depths that the National Arts Merit Awards will sink to?