Canny Fiasco has advantange

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The Sunday Mail

THE Zifa’s election season is slowly getting into motion yet the people who have been at the forefront of calling for the exit of Phillip Chiyangwa are nowhere to be seen.

This is their time to walk the talk.

Are they running scared or they are busy strategising?

Your guess on this one is as good as mine gentle reader but one thing I know is that PC will not go down without a fight.

Never mind the stunt he tried to pull a few months ago when he suggested that his term lapses in 2020, Chiyangwa was prepared for an election this year.

He is slowly becoming a master at this football politics game, ask Caf president Ahmad who calls PC “the boss”.

Chiyangwa started girding his loins some time ago and recently told a meeting of football leaders that this time he is prepared “to the hilt.”

If your ear is on the ground, you will be aware that there is a bank that says it is ready to sponsor local football just like what Nedbank does in South Africa.

The deal, which is being dangled before all the division one leagues, will also see the bank pouring in a substantial amount of money into junior football.

It’s a deal that can transform the local game but there is catch to it.

There is always a catch.

Those in the know say the man with the keys to this deal is none other than Mr Apa Hauna Cash, Captain Fiasco himself.

As we had the finest whiskey, that one that shares blue with Dynamos, in the capital on Africa Day, a Zifa Assembly member who has always been against Chiyangwa from day one conceded that getting rid of the Harare property mogul will not be an easy task.

“The deal is just too sweet to resist and to make matters worse, the guys at the bank said they are ready to pour in half the money immediately, with the rest coming after the Zifa elections.

“But here is the dilemma… the man with the aces is Phillip. The big men at the bank said they are coming into football because of Phillip. Chiyangwa ndiye ane yese panyaya iyi (Chiyangwa holds the keys on this one),” he said.

This proposed deal is likely to be PC’s trump card during the elections for the Zifa board.

But that does not make him invincible, nay.

Chiyangwa can certainly be booted out of office if those who want to jettison him play their cards right.

The question is do they know how to outplay Captain Fiasco, a politician who has managed to work his way into the Caf and Fifa corridors of power within such a short space of time?

Maybe these guys plan to declare their intentions when the election season heads towards the business end.

However, it’s worth noting that this game does not start at the top.

It starts in the area zone and culminates with the Zifa presidential elections.

Anyone who fancies being the next numero uno of local football has to have a foothold in the area zones, they have to have a foothold on the provinces.

And are you aware dear reader that the National Association of Primary School Leagues, the secondary school league, the tertiary league, beach football and five-aside football league all make up the Zifa Assembly?

I repeat, anyone who has Zifa presidential ambitions must have all these groups on board.

Sir exits the scene!


Sir is a social media football commentator and can be reached on [email protected]


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