BVR guarantees one man one vote

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The Sunday Mail

Tamuka T Charakupa, 23
The Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) process is a scientific system based on biometrics- a process which makes use of human biological features such as voice, vein, eye, finger-print, facial recognition among others for the purposes of identification or authentication of an individual.

As Zimbabwe is heading towards the 2018 Presidential elections it is important for the youth to understand and participate in the process.

The youth are the backbone of any society and above all, the largest population in Zimbabwe thus it is important for them to register to vote under the new BVR which has several advantages to them.

Given its highly technological nature, BVR process gathers individual’s identification feature, stores it in secured databases hence does not allow double or multiple registration which effect that it will not allow double or multiple voting in an election.

To my knowledge, three-quarters of the youth have been taking a back seat in the election processes for the fear that their vote will not count or elections get rigged.

The case is different now. This set of technology ensures a one man, one vote policy hence the youth should now be on the forefront in deciding how the future should be like which will in turn lead to an informed society mainly benefiting them.

Given the education status on most of the youth, most having at least five Ordinary Level passes up to university level, registering to vote will unlock doors for them to realise their true potential and be able to completely turn the economy of the country for the better.

Thus the BVR process guarantees their security and confidence that their vote is a powerful tool for change hence need to participate.

Contrary to popular belief that the process is time consuming and political, it is of paramount importance for the youth to know that it is a lie.

The BVR takes about eight (8) minutes- a reasonable time to verify documents such as identity cards, fingerprints and residential address- all that serves to ensure democracy and justice is given to the process to ensure a free and fair election.

Another key fact in the BVR process vital to the youth is the fact that the registration can be done anywhere in the country thus providing conveniences to those who go to work or those who reside far from their poll stations.

This is a not a complication because the BVR system automatically transfers information to respective polling centres.

The youth should know that this is a new voter’s roll separate from yesteryears’ old system that had duplicate voters.

This is their chance to spearhead a new era and top this new database so that their vote precisely determine their future.

The future is us, the youth, let your voice be heard.

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