BREAKING: Mnangagwa assassination attempt

10 Dec, 2014 - 19:12 0 Views
BREAKING: Mnangagwa assassination attempt

The Sunday Mail

VICE PRESIDENT-designate Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa Wednesday survived an assassination attempt by unknown criminals who broke into his Zanu-PF offices and laced a poisonous powder there-in.

The shocking details were revealed by President Mugabe during an Extra-Ordinary session of the Central Committee at the party’s headquarters in Harare.

Addressing the meeting, the President said the would-be assassin broke into Cde Mnangagwa’s office on Tuesday night.

He said, instead, it was the VP-designate’s secretary who was affected by the poison after entering the office first.

“And I was talking about the incident that happened kumaoffices edu – kuZanu PF,” said President Mugabe. “The office of Cde Mnangagwa was broken into last night and a poisonous powder is spread all over the desk and so on.

“The powder – which when the door is opened and there is that flash of air – would be blown up and then he would breath it. So it was not Mnangwagwa who opened the door it was the secretary who opened the door and poor girl, there she was. She breathed it and she is a mess, she is in intensive care.

“Ko pamusana peyi chatatadza chiyi. Why? Why? Why? Anyway we want investigation to be done, I am just warning you that it’s not always those who smile at us are our friends. Take care.”

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