BOOK REVIEW: Open secrets to healthy living

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BOOK REVIEW: Open secrets to healthy living

The Sunday Mail

Wendy Nyakurerwa – Beyond the Cover

MONEY can buy a lot of effects but it can never buy one of the things that really matter — good health and without this, everything else ceases to matter.
With this sad reality sticking out like a sore thumb, the world faces a dilemma that it is struggling earnestly to manoeuvre around, that of advancement, its associated lifestyles and the dispersion of non-communicable diseases.
2210-2-1-BOOK REVIEWAs world governments and public health experts are focusing on treating, controlling and eliminating communicable diseases such as measles and sexually transmitted diseases, among others; non-communicable diseases such as the cancers, diabetes, stroke and chronic heart diseases have become entrenched in societies across the world.
Subsequently, this crop of diseases that is mainly lifestyle-related is accounting for about two-thirds of the world’s deaths, according to the World Health Organisation.
But while this might sound very glum, the good news delivered in the book “Health and Wellness: Secrets that will change your life”, is that these seemingly monstrous diseases can easily be kept at bay by exercising and religiously consuming a well-balanced diet that is low in saturated fats, salt, sugar and refined carbohydrates.
Mark Finley, a renowned evangelist and author and Peter Landless, a nuclear cardiologist and prolific writer put their great minds together to come up with this concise guide to a healthy and fulfilling life.
The book has since been declared the ‘Missionary book’ for 2015 by the Adventist Health Ministries and has been extensively distributed across the world in various languages.
The two authors, who come from two different professional backgrounds, literally delivered their dynamite message in this small package as they compressed their priceless message into 120 pages. Even those who are hard-pressed for time can grasp a moment to read this absorbing book.
The co-authors’ point of departure in this must-read enlightener is acknowledging that medicine plays a part in boosting human life expectancy. However, they are quick to point out that everyone has to play their own part in order to live longer and better.
Flipping through the pages of this piece of literature, it becomes apparent that good health is a dream of the poor and rich alike and is supposed to be jealously preserved.
One Dr Benson Carson puts things into perspective and is quoted in the book saying that during his intern-ship, “many heads of state, royalty and heads of large organisations would visit the health institution seeking medical help and would have gladly given every title and every penny for a clean bill of health.”
Indeed; the titles, the bank accounts and the statuses only derive joy from good health.
As the book reveals secret after secret in each chapter, the co-authors revealed in their prowess of breathing real life into their theories as they narrated stories of people who have survived the various tribulations of life, thereby motivating those who might find themselves in the same shoes.
While there are several books that tackle healthy living, this particular work of art grabbed this writer’s attention because it highlighted something that is not very common in such writings — the need to preserve the spiritual and mental facets of health.
Health does not only comprise of the physical aspect, a person who is physically healthy but lacks in one of the other aspects will have an unsatisfying life.
With non-communicable diseases ravaging through society’s well-being, reading this opportune piece of literature might be exactly what the doctor prescribed..

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