Blinded from greatness

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Milton Kamwendo
Hunt for Greatness

There is so much greatness and resourcefulness that is bound up in you. You are a living miracle, storehouse of manifestations and a canvas for God to display his greatness. There are awesome possibilities around you and a great life that waits for you. Where you are is the smallest that you can ever be. The manifest is a little portion of the un-manifest super-abundant possibilities. There are more opportunities around you than there is time and resources to pursue them. Life is rich and abundant. Your life is a miracle in motion.

Does your life at this moment fit this description? If it does not, do not despair or lose heart. Read on. The biggest challenge in life is not provision, possibility, problems, place, people or opportunity. It is that we are blinded from who we really are. We are blinded from our true nature. We are blinded from greatness.

To breakthrough and move towards your greatness you need to be aware of and confront these blinding factors. Remove the blindfold and you will be too excited to sit still and be bored with life. As you do, a whole new world of motivation and possibilities unfolds before you.

The immediate is imposing, it is urgent and it wants attention. What you are seeing now is not all that is happening. The pressures you face and feel are not all that is happening. Instead of opening your mouth to complain, open your eyes and realise the possibilities around you and the difference that you can make. When you think long term, it is easier to put the present into perspective. When you let the immediate overwhelm you easily drown and lose momentum.

Refuse to be so tied to the urgent and immediate that you forget to see the great future ahead. Immediate gratification and pain relief could easily be a trap. Remember Esau’s soup. Instead of focusing on what is tension-relieving, focus on that which is strategy-enabling.

Under the pressure of the moment speak slowly but think clearly. Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of those that matter least.

Think in terms of long term effects not just short term pleasures. Think big, plan beyond your nose. Do not make permanent decisions based on temporary inconveniences.

Remember that at times the thought might be right, while the argument might be wrong. Take a little step back to think a little before you fly off the handle. Those that do not see the future easily sacrifice the present ground and do unthinkable things. See beyond the clouds of the present pressures.

Things will sometimes go wrong, at the most unexpected times. No adversity is too distressing to be useful for spiritual toning and life rebooting. When things go wrong and adversity strikes, life can be difficult and saddening. Your whole world seems to just curve in and your dreams, work and hopes of many years evaporates in your eyes.

Adversity tests whether you were what you thought you were. Adversity drives many to the wall — it unhinges and makes them limp badly. Adversity blinds, making it easy to quit and despair of your very life.

Do not despair and do not let adversity blind off the bundles of possibilities that lie ahead. The show of your life is not yet over. Tough times do come, yes they do. Just do not let them crush you. When adversity squeezes you, prepare to rebound with the agility of a spring and the tenacity of a rubber ball. The harder you are struck to the ground, the higher you rise.

There is so much in you and the future is too packed to be tossed away so easily. When the unexpected happens, expect to learn something new and do not give up. Keep your notebook ever ready. Do not let the wounds of adversity confuse you. Whatever happens you are not finished, until you accept that you are.

Adversity is as old a humanity. Outlive and outplay your adversity. Face it with humility and with a knowing smile. Do not build a monument to your adversity or let it blind you of the pool of possibilities in your life. Whatever happens do not let adversity blind you to the potential you have and the beauty of life. It is when it is darkest that the stars shine brightest.

You are not created in the image of your adversity but that of your maker. Create new paths and new experiences of life. Remake, retool and remax your life.

What you know could easily be your limitation. Never think that the whole world looks like your village and is bought by the limitations that your village has accepted and learnt to live with. Do not internationalise your petty village issues and think that the world is being entertained and idly watching you. Stop wasting time and opportunity. Do not let your experiences of the past blind you of the possibilities ahead. Unlearning may be more important than learning as you know how difficult it is to pour anything into a full cup. Until you unlearn certain things, you will remain limited and tied to the past.

Break the cycles of mediocrity and do not let the past experiences limit you. Travel to new places, this will help you see things in a new perspective. When you travel you quickly learn that you have to dump your recreational complaining and small mindedness. While you complain, scratch and obsess over little things, others are building great things and speeding forward.

Do not allow the root of bitterness of the past to hold you victim. Instead of complaining focus on creating. Get new references, think new and take new actions. Old ideas implemented out of term just lead to disaster.

What have you learnt that worked well in the past that no longer works? Unlearn, learn and keep relearning. Limit your association with people that are no longer interested in learning, who are happy to remain locked in the past.

Trying to cash an expired cheque leaves you looking funny. Get new references; learning will keep you young and vibrant. You are truly old when you can no longer learn.

Keep learning something new because life does not stop teaching. In times of change, it is learners that are assured of greatness. Those who hold on to the past and left behind using inefficient tools, and content with a limited world that no longer can subsist.

Until you are renewed in your thinking, you are held hostage and blinded from greatness. Go for greatness. Open your eyes and start dreaming and working. There is no moment to waste.

Milton Kamwendo is a leading international transformational and motivational speaker, author, and executive coach. He is a cutting strategy, team-building and organisation development facilitator and consultant. His life purpose is to inspire and promote greatness. He can be reached at: [email protected] and Twitter: @MiltonKamwendo or WhatsApp at: 0772422634. His website is: .


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