Biti offers ‘bus loads’ of cash

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Biti offers ‘bus loads’ of cash Mr Biti

The Sunday Mail

Fungai Lupande in Shamva
MDC Alliance principal Mr Tendai Biti has said “whites will come with lorries and buses full of money” to Zimbabwe if the opposition coalition wins the July 30, 2018 harmonised elections.

At a rally at Shamva Mine yesterday, Mr Biti said Zimbabweans would have to open new US dollar bank accounts on August 1 because his boss, Mr Nelson Chamisa because of the influx of greenbacks.

“I was in America with Chamisa in December, we went to the United Kingdom in May, currently he is somewhere (else). He called me last (Friday) night saying he was promised by the whites that on August 1, they will come with lorries and buses full of money. There will be foreign direct investment here,” he said.

“We will bring back US dollars, so on August 1, we want everyone to open brand new US dollar bank accounts which are not contaminated by Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa. Close these RTGS ones. On August 1 after taking Chamisa to State House, we will hold a Press conference and scrap the bond note.”

Mr Biti also said the opposition would replace all thatched houses in rural areas with three-bedroom, solar-powered structures.

He said their Development and Urbanisation of Rural Areas Agenda would be driven by a technology not mentioned in their manifesto because the opposition feared the ruling Zanu-PF would “steal it”.

“The houses will have solar geysers, a kitchen and flushing toilet. South Africa is doing this, you saw their RDP houses. We are going to have our own RDP houses and smart houses in rural areas.

‘‘In Rwanda there are no thatched houses because their government placed its people first.

“We have a technology in our bag which we did not mention when we launched our manifesto fearing that Zanu-PF might steal it.

“We obtained the technology in Australia such that when you place it on gravel it sticks to a plastic and turns into a tarred road.

“The technology is used in Dubai. To construct one kilometre of tarred road cost $1 million (in Zimbabwe), but using this technology you only need $70 000.”

Mr Biti said primary education would be free, and grants would be provided for higher and tertiary level students.

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