Binga flood victims evacuated

11 Feb, 2020 - 15:02 0 Views
Binga flood victims evacuated

The Sunday Mail

Norman Muchemwa

The 21 families that had been stranded by floods in Binga district, Matebeleland North,  following days of incessant heavy rains, have been rescued, the Government has announced.

The Government added that the Civil Protection Unit has activated emergency response mechanisms to assist other flood victims.

In a statement Tuesday, the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works said the floods are a result of heavy rains and 21 families have since been evacuated.

“Binga district in Matebeleland North, (that is the) Nsungwale area under Chief Sinakona, experienced heavy rains which resulted in some life-threatening floods,” reads the statement.

“The flooded area is where four rivers meet, namely Sibwambwa, Sikanda, Namapande and Manyenyengwa.

“Due to the backlash, all 21 families in the flood plain had been marooned and 11 others have been assisted to reach safer zones.”

The Civil Protection Unit at district level, the statement added, is on the ground to ascertain the actual number of people who could have been affected.

“The rapid assessment by the District Civil Protection Committee was directed to intensify their assessments until they ascertain the actual number of people affected and those in need of assistance.

“The Civil Protection Unit is dispatching 100 tents and blankets to Binga. As an immediate intervention, the Air Force of Zimbabwe has mobilised two helicopters to assist the affected families.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police Sub-Aqua unit stationed at Fairbridge in Bulawayo has also been dispatched,” reads the statement.

Assessment by the District Civil Protection indicates that there could be more people affected due to settlement patterns in Binga district.

As short-term measures, the Ministry is calling for quick evacuation of the affected families to areas of safety as well as mobilisation of food and non-food items.

The Ministry also proposes possible relocation of the families guided by a robust rural housing policy.

Further, the Ministry proposes the capacitation of all Civil Protection organisations will all weather equipment in order to timeously respond to the vagaries of climate change.

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