Religion: Prophet Gomani – ‘Beware of false prophets’

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Religion: Prophet Gomani – ‘Beware of false prophets’ PROPHET WIRIRANAI GOMANI

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At a Family Jubilee Ministries church service in Harare on June 20, Prophet Wiriranai Gomani (WG) on June 20 said: “Let us pray against a terror attack in Tanzania. I see a bomb explosion happening in Tanzania. I encourage those living in this country to pray for their nations.”

On July 7, eight people were wounded when suspected Al-Shabaab fighters bombed a restaurant popular with foreigners and wealthy locals in Arusha, Tanzania. Tendai Manzvanzvike (TM) caught up with Kariba-born prophet to talk about this and other issues.

TM: You were in the news recently regarding your prophecy on the attack in Tanzania. There was some backlash on the social media. What was it all about?

WG: God took me in the spirit to the nation of Tanzania. And there was an angel that began to speak to me about what was going to happen in that nation. After the vision, that’s when I said to the people that this was what was going to happen to Tanzania. As a prophet, I said I didn’t support destruction or doom, therefore, we should pray so that God will save lives.

TM: When you get prophetic messages of that nature and when they are at such a level, how do you ensure that the message gets to the people beyond your congregation? What challenges do you face?

WG: We have challenges with the media whereby we can’t articulate these messages. The media cannot assess what we do, so there is no way that we can be heard. The church and the media are interdependent.

TM: On July 20, we featured Prophet Adventure Mutepfa under the headline, “We’re in the prophetic era – believe it!” One reader wrote back and said we are in the era of false prophets. How would you respond to that since it is a view shared by many?

WG: Biblically, it is also stated that there will be false prophets while there will be true prophets. However, the most important thing is that when we are doing something that uplifts the name of Jesus Christ, it means that the glory is not going to man but to God.

And on the prophetic era, the Church has never been static from the Roman era to date. You discover that God has been moving. You also realise that most of the offices in the five-fold ministry have been covered within the movement of the church. The only era, the prophetic, had not been. But now is the time when the Bible says, sons and daughters shall prophesy. What we’re saying is that you cannot fight it because it is God’s time. It will continue to be there. It’s a dimension. If you recall, a few years ago, it was posters with just apostle, apostle, apostle. Some years back it was pastor, pastor or reverend, because God moves in seasons. It is a season. Let the tares and the wheat grow together. But God will judge at the end. We should appreciate it, but even if you don’t, wherever you go now any cluster, any area, prophets are rising, but among them, there are fake and also true prophets.

TM: Critics say what we see with today’s prophets is that the glory is more on them than the Lord . . .

WG: Biblically again, the glory is not to man but God. I believe that glory belongs to God and no one else.

TM: And, who is Prophet Gomani? How did he get into the prophetic office?

WG: I was born in Kariba. I have also lived in Karoi and now Harare. I have people who can confirm about my prophetic calling, from the churches I used to attend. I’m not rising from nowhere.

For example, in Zaoga FIF I used to work with the head of department in the deliverance section at Mbuya Dorcas, Evangelist Nathan Ndaza. We used to move together preaching the word of God. Sometimes I would prophesy. He can confirm that.

It’s unfortunate that my parents are late. When something happened, I used to tell them that God has told me it would work like that. Then they would see the prophecy coming to pass. I was baptised in Zaoga FIF and I was there for two years but left because I didn’t like their teachings on giving. I joined AFM where I stayed for almost 14 years. That’s where I grew up spiritually.

TM: So, are you now able to give?

WG: I now have spiritual understanding, but those days I used to say that these people love money too much. This is why I’m taking you back to the Scriptures. If we operate outside the Word of God, it means that we are doing something that is fake.

TM: Did you leave AFM to start the ministry?

WG: I wanted to go to Bible school but since I was continually moving it was a problem because you had to be with an assembly for many years. So, I ended up going to an interdenominational Bible school.

However, when I was just about to finish school, that is when God spoke to me and say you need to begin the ministry. And the way it happened was a miracle.

I was invited to go and pray for someone, a manager at the Fire Brigade department. For three months he could not walk or speak. I went and prayed with that man and he began to walk, talk instantly. The neighbours and those who invited me witnessed it and they called me to pray for them as well. I witnessed a lot of miraculous healing and deliverance from demonic possession.

Because of this, a lot of people started to come to seek deliverance. I would find a queue of 30-50 people each time I returned from work.

TM: As the numbers grew, was it a confirmation for you to start the ministry?

WG: Yes because people said they had nowhere to go. Although God had spoken to me, these people offered their place. They opened their doors in Budiriro in 2007.

TM: In such economically trying times, people ask what God is saying about Zimbabwe that instils hope. Can our nation be restored?

WG: Let me give the analogy of a garden. If I transplant seedlings and I plant them in the garden, initially they will struggle for survival because I have transplanted them from where they thought was their permanent place. It is the same with our nation. We were not used to the fact that a black man can do something on his own, without someone mastering him. So, there is hope in Zimbabwe, but initially it is difficult.

TM: But people want something tangible . . .

WG: OK, we have the indigenisation programme. Those finishing their studies at university are looking at applying for jobs, but instead of doing that, they should have a mindset to say I will apply for a loan to start my own thing. It’s about me saying there is something I can do about the situation.

As I told you, I came from Zaoga FIF. I heard the story of Apostle Ezekiel Guti. God told him to start the talents projects where people buy and sell.

If you check, most people in Zaoga FIF are not employed, but they are empowered. This is what God told Apostle Guti a long time ago. Now they have a hospital and a university without outside help. That’s indigenisation, which the Government says we must adopt. And, as the church we need to encourage people that God blesses the work of our hands.

TM: For your healing and deliverance sessions, you have a prayer line. Can you shed some light on this and how biblical it is?

WG: Times have changed immensely. As a church we acknowledge that we exist within a structure where there is a Government and its laws.

We do prayer line registrations because we want to uphold the law. We also take videos, which was not done during Jesus’ time. Sometimes when we do our healing and deliverance sessions, the media might be there without our knowledge and if the photos are published, we can be sued. So, why we are doing these appointments and registration is because we want to do things that go hand-in-hand with what the Government wants.

TM: What is your message to the nation?

WG: I encourage people to read the book of Genesis 26. There was a famine and Isaac wanted to run away. God told him not to go to Egypt.

When Isaac obeyed God, his father Abraham’s wells that had been filled with soil were revealed to him and he dug them up and found water. After some years, the wells began to work, and prosperity came from there. Isaac did not listen to the environment, but he listened to the voice of God.

So we are saying in Zimbabwe, we have a lot of minerals and natural resources. We just need to open our eyes and acknowledge that we have what it takes to move us forward. Things will begin to work again. This is what happened to Isaac. God will stand for us. We are His people. He is the source of our life.

And to the church, let us maintain our faith. Let us remain constant in the Lord and, in the word of God. Everything shall be well for us. And to non-believers, God loves them. He is the one who created us all – Christians and non-Christians.

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