Best friend is dumping me

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Best friend is dumping me MUDZIMBA with Mai Chisamba

The Sunday Mail

I am a 56-year-old man and happily married. I went to school with a very lucky guy because zvake zvinongoita zvedu zvichitenderera. I only did Form Two but I can do a lot of things that I did not train for. After my friend graduated from university way back, he thought of starting a business. He asked me to manage the place because he was always up and about.

Many people passed through my hands. I served my friend loyally for so many years. Handina kana kumboshotesa mari. I am not going to say what business he is into but it is quite demanding. He has now built a big empire and thinks I am a spent force. When the going was hard we could go for months without salaries but I stayed put for my friend’s sake.

He bought me a house in the ghetto iye akazvitengera kuma leafy surburbs. I remember my wife complained when he did this but I did not put too much attention on it. A few weeks ago he called me for a meeting and told me that he wanted to engage someone with proper management qualifications. This guy has a Master’s degree but this would be his first job, it means ndotomudzidzisaka.

He says he will not touch my salary but only the title: ndinonyarira kupi nhai? This is breaking my heart. I think he has forgotten where we came from. My wife suggested that I quit rather than be humiliated like this. The problem is my spouse is a full-time house wife and there is a building project under way at our rural home. My kids (twin boys) are in boarding school doing Upper Six.

He even said I can continue to use the car that was allocated to me but I will not be the manager. Everything is intact, what could have made him so angry? Asi kuti pane anotamba nemushonga pacompany? I never expected this from him. Life is full of surprises.

Thank you for reading the column and for being a loyal friend. Honesty is a rare commodity these days well done. It is also refreshing to hear that you are happily married keep the fire burning. I think what has happened between you and your friend is a communication breakdown of some sort.

You sound like bosom friends and I would not want anything to come between you. I think you are getting the wrong end of the stick. From your letter he has not fired you and it seems he has great respect for you. He bought you a house that is awesome you should count yourself blessed it is very unusual. Your wife is misleading you instead of being grateful she thinks otherwise. Life is what you make it, you bloom wherever you are in the ghetto or leafy suburbs.

Ko makudawo kutozvichekera cream semuridzi we business here? That was very thoughtful of him it is a token of his appreciation. He is not going to reduce your salary nor is he going to take away the company car that you drive so where is the humiliation you are talking about? Do your own research then you will find out that not many managers are as comfortable as you are.

Zano unopangwa uine rako, yes, think of the twins, the project and life in general. You are blessed to have been boss for so long at times you need to be realistic. Education counts and so many things are changing by the day. Embrace the new manager and work with him it is your chance to learn new and modern things. Your friend is not a fool he has a way of putting it across to other company members. He could use your age that you now need a post that is less demanding. Please hand over the baton it is very noble.

I do not believe in mushonga but kana ari mashandiro acho then it is working in your favour. Tell your wife to relax and count her blessings. Do not take the word boss seriously these days even friends or relatives call each other that. How I wish I had a friend like yours he is indeed a wingless angel. Be of good cheer it shall be well.

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