Behold winter is here

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Behold winter is here

The Sunday Mail

Andrew Moyo

THE sun has slowly begun losing its strength, a sign that winter is on the brink.

As the weather changes, so does people’s wardrobes. They start looking for clothing that will keep them warm during the next few cold months. In creative spaces, there are numerous fashion designers who are set to spice up the season with their interesting winter creations.

For some individuals, anything warm will do the trick regardless of how it looks, but there are others who like to be fashionable and trendy, even on the coldest of days. While there are shops and boutiques that offer fashionable winter wear, for one to really stand out from the rest, designer wear is the best way to go.

There are countless local brands that are doing the most when it comes to creating unique winter clothing and in this article, The Sunday Mail Society sheds light on just a few.

Chasers Clothing

Richmond Mlambo’s Chasers Clothing, which specialises in modern street-wear, has become a sensation, thanks to endorsements from numerous celebrities. Their custom denim jacket, which features the face of the wearer in the back, is a hit with personalities that include Shashl, Pokello, Jah Prayzah and Ginimbi among others rocking this particular design. This winter, the designer will also be launching a new line that will have tracksuits, jackets, hoodies, joggers and various other products.

“All I can say is that my winter designs will be unique and we used heavy material that will not only be able to keep people warm, but also make them stand out from the rest,” said Mlambo.

“People are very sceptical about quality and the material used to make a garment, so you definitely have to provide the best product and quality to give them a good reason to buy local. Quality and uniqueness is what we are promising on the upcoming line.”


This travel brand has a fashion line which is inspired by the idea that as Africans dominate in various spheres around the world, they carry along their roots on their journey. HAMBA products have stories from various African cultures, stories that are sewn intricately into the fabric they use.

This winter, they have their signature bomber jackets, which were popular last year because of their African oriented designs. While they were just making jackets for adults, this time around they have included a kiddie’s range, which will be available by order.

Ladies can also enjoy HAMBA’s colourful and bold infinity jumpsuits, which are perfect to layer under a trench coat for a classic evening look.

Designer Robin Chaibva said: “Our winter collection is a mixture of a modern African statement. This year we are inspired by a safari theme and will be adding Zimbabwean manufactured leather goods, khakis and denims to traditional fabrics. Expect volume and extra warm designs this year.”

Working with traditional fabrics, this brand usually has a maximum of five jackets of a particular design for exclusivity. They also create matching T-shirts and vests for those who want to go the extra mile on the fashion side.


This brand, which stands for, “I am Zimbabwean”, has been in existence for a few years. It specialises in various clothing items, including T-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, vests and happy socks, among other fashion items. They have sub-brands — ThabaniSocks — the happy socks line and Magnificat — a Christian T-shirt and apparel line.

The brand has a collection dubbed “Muchando Collection”, which comes out this winter. It will feature long sleeved T-shirts, hoodies and sweaters. The brand’s owner, Linda K Sibs, said her products are manufactured locally using the highest quality possible.

“I think the heart and passion of the brand also shows in the work that we produce. Ours has been a story of tenacity as we have rode the high and low tides of business in Zimbabwe,” she said.

The clothes are currently being sold online but a flagship store is set to be opened in July.


Founded by Ishmael Tsakatsa in 2013, Zargue’sia is a Christian inspired luxury brand which exudes elegance, romanticism and royalty.

Sophistication is a word that can be used to describe this designer’s creations as well. This designer, who has won numerous international awards, is working on a winter collection that is set to be showcased at the Soweto Fashion Week at the end of this month.

The collection “Realms of Royalty” features high fashion clothes with printed velvets, velvet embossed chiffon and duchess satin. It is inspired by the elegance of royal garments meant for kings, queens and priests.

The collection has suits, jackets, dresses, skirts, capes, shirts and accessories among other things, which will be available to the public as per order.

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