Behold, Dhuterere’s upswing

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Behold, Dhuterere’s upswing

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Prince Mushawevato

“I have issues with people doing unbiblical things masked as God’s work and I don’t mind if they hate me for chastising them. There is nothing, healing included, done in the name of God that should be paid for,” boldly declares Mambo Dhuterere.

The firebrand and rising gospel musician has become an overnight sensation in Zimbabwe.

Born Darlington Mutseta, Mambo Dhuterere’s hard-hitting lyrics are proving to be a source of comfort for many locals, especially those that feel hard done by their commercially driven church leaders as well as those suffering from the effects of misfortune.

In “Mweya Ndisesekedze” off his latest album “Dare Guru”, Mambo Dhuterere sings: “Tumirai ngirozi izonditungamirira. Bhuku rati nyangwe vane mazimutoro munovatakurira (Send your angel to lead me. The Bible says you will help those with burdens).”

Dhuterere’s music is soothing and soul massaging.

Gifted with an “out of this world” voice, the artiste appears to be scaling dizzy heights.

His professional music journey started way back in 2015 with the release of “Dhuterere”, which carried tracks like “Noah Tsemura Makomo” and the title track “Dhuterere”.

The effort was decent but did not see the Botswana-based artiste riding the crest of a wave as he is doing now.

A follow-up effort came in 2018 when the father of two released “Tsamba”, which had two outstanding tracks – “Hallelujah Hossana” and “Chiuya Ishe”.

But the latest offering ,“Dare Guru”, has created a massive wave for Mambo Dhuterere. The ball is now in the singer’s court to hold on or let go of the success wave.

Music enthusiasts have already endorsed him.

“I’m not in the music industry by chance. A prophecy on this path was made long back and I’m now fulfilling it. I’m actually planning to come back home for good before year-end to venture into music full-time,” revealed Dhuterere.

The gospel singer’s music has rubbed some preachers the wrong way. A verse from the song “Dare Guru” goes like this:

“Dzikaika vedare ndati nyika yeyu yorasiswa. Vave kutengeserwa mvura vachinzi iropa renyu baba. Kunyange kutengeserwa ndandi vachinzi ichakuchengetedza. Chipepa nefesi yamufundisi hanzi zvichakuchengetedza. Kana kutengeserwa kenduru hanzi watenga chaedza. Zvekudenga zvave kutobhadhariswa kana ndimi Manuwero. Simba renyu rava kunetsa kuwana dare guru Manuwero. Kuona muporofita tobhadhara mweya wenyu Manuwero.”

Mambo Dhuterere is a member of the St John Apostolic Church,  although he feels that his music is not your usual apostolic tune.

His music occasionally incorporates a guitar, drum and gourds (hosho).

“I’m an apostle but my music is not yechipositori. The message in it targets both Pentecostal and Apostolic churches since we have crooks both sides. Mapositori are selling stones (miteuro) and clay bowls (mbiya), while these Pentecostals are selling stickers and ndandi (wrist bands). That is nothing short of thievery, stealing with the aid of the Bible,” argued the firebrand singer.

He added: “The stickers are mere adverts that need not be paid for. I have nothing against their production, but it becomes an issue when one sells them. It is important the prophets tell their congregants that there are in a fundraising drive, not to lie to them. Hakuna chinhu chine simba raMwari chinotengeswa. Period!”

Mambo Dhuterere reckons he is on a mission.

“I have created enemies in the short run I have been in the industry but that does not deter me. I want to make things right. I also want to bridge the gap that has been created between Pentecostal and Apostolic churches through wrong preaching. For instance, some say Pentecostals are satanists while others argue Apostles are witches.

“The message in my music comes directly from God. I only sing what He instructs me to. That is why you find that I don’t go beyond a month to compose and record songs. In fact, I only need a few weeks to complete the whole process,” he said.

Throughout the six-track “Dare Guru”, Mambo Dhuterere’s intonation is mesmerising. He flows with ease for both high and low key notes.

The backing vocalist, who is also his wife, adds icing to the production. He also works with his sister.

Some of the tracks on the album are sorrowful, yet they fit well in a praise and worship environment.

“Dare Guru” is certainly worth adding to one’s music collection.

Other songs that make up the new offering include “Ndotenda Ishe Wangu” featuring Trymore Bande, “Mweya”, “Mweya Ndisesekedze”, “Hey Hey Hey” featuring Mathias Mhere and “Ahuwerere”.

Besides music, the artiste also runs a domestic and industrial detergents business in Botswana.

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